Netizens bought AI-generated photos of a naked woman

Netizens bought AI-generated photos of a naked woman
Netizens bought AI-generated photos of a naked woman

The ultra-realistic-looking photos of Claudia, created using an artificial intelligence tool powered by Stable Diffusion, started appearing on various Reddit forums a few months ago.

One “photo” received hundreds of comments, with one user writing “you look so beautiful” and another adding “damn you’re beautiful”, with others expressing their admiration.

However, some users seem to have picked up on the AI ​​trickery, claiming that the woman looks too perfect to be real.

“For those who don’t know, I’m going to ruin your fantasy,” wrote one user. – It is literally a creation of artificial intelligence. If you’ve ever worked with AI image models long enough and created your own, you can recognize 10,000% of Sorry to spoil the surprise.”

Claudia’s creators say they’ve already made about $100 by selling her nudes to Reddit users who apparently believed she was a real person.

“You could say that this whole account is just an attempt to see if you can fool people using artificial intelligence photos,” Claudia’s creators told Rolling Stone magazine. – You could compare it to vloggers who create their own characters and play a completely different person. To be honest, we didn’t think it would get this much attention.”

AI researchers say Claudia’s photos showed obvious traces of AI creation, including strange background details and spots appearing in different positions.

Claudia’s character is part of a new trend made possible by the recent advent of artificial intelligence tools. The latest versions allow you to create photorealistic images of people, both fictional and real.

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