A military expert predicts extremely fierce clashes, the outcome of which may determine Putin’s downfall

Russia is gathering forces for very decisive battles

Although Western countries, primarily the United States of America (USA), do not seem to expect that the war in Ukraine will end in 2023, one of the most qualified military experts of this country, former colonel of the General Staff of the Army, Oleg Zhdanov, assures that a breakthrough can be expected already this spring or in the first half of summer .

Based on military intelligence information, O. Ždanovas predicts that extremely fierce clashes between the two armies will take place, the outcome of which may determine the collapse of V. Putin’s regime. It seems that the Kremlin is also aware of the importance of the upcoming battles, so the second wave of reservist mobilization has begun to gather as many soldiers as possible.

Oleg Zhdanov

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This is what the deputy head of Ukraine’s military intelligence, Vadymas Skibickis, recently hinted at, stating that the reservists currently being recruited in Russia will participate in spring and summer attacks in the east and south of the country.

“This confirms the assumptions I spoke to you about earlier. If Russia succeeds in forming an army group, there will be non-decisive battles in the spring and early summer, but they will significantly influence the course of the war,” commented O. Ždanovas.

Based on the report of the military intelligence, the military expert said that extremely fierce battles will take place in the Donbas – in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, which is confirmed by the intense battles currently taking place for Bakhmut and Solidar. Therefore, it is predicted that already in February-March, the Russian army will try to attack in the direction of Kharkiv and occupy Kupjanska, Svatova, Kremyanoe.

“After the end of the spring military campaign, it will be clear what the balance of power will be in Ukraine,” said O. Ždanovas.

War in Ukraine

He did not dare to answer the question of everyone’s interest, whether the war in Ukraine will end in 2023. According to the military expert, first of all the battles in Donbas, which will be of great strategic importance, must be fought, then it will be possible to see the situation at the front more clearly.

Based on the report of the deputy head of Ukrainian military intelligence V. Skibickis, reserve colonel O. Zhdanovas says that the outcome of these battles may determine the end of the era of Vladimir Putin. There is a high probability that after Russia’s defeat in Donbas, the country’s political elite, disappointed with such an outcome, will oust V. Putin, and there will be a change of power in the Kremlin.

The Russians will revive the methodology of World War II: recruits will be trained at the front

Speaking about the currently ongoing preparations of the Russian army for future battles, O. Zhdanovas notes that the Russians are not capable of forming new military units, they do not have the equipment or weapons for this, so a simpler way will be followed – it is planned to supplement the existing military formations with new soldiers.

“The places of the wounded and dead will be taken by other soldiers. On this principle, the units of the Russian army in Ukraine will be formed, it is for this purpose that the second wave of mobilization is announced. The mobilization process is already in full swing, summonses are being handed out to people.

War in Ukraine

War in Ukraine

Mobilized reservists will not receive additional training, groups will be formed that will travel to the units. It seems to me that the regimental schools that operated during and before World War II will be organized locally. The regiment itself trained its soldiers in such schools. It is difficult to say how it will be possible to prepare a mobilized reserve in the conditions of intense battles, when it will be necessary to use them to compensate human losses,” said the military expert.

O. Zhdanovas assures that Russia has almost used up its missile reserves, the available reserves would be enough to organize 2-3 mass shootings, when more than 80 missiles would be used in one of them. Russia uses up to 30 missiles for normal bombing.

Intelligence information: V. Putin’s life is supported by foreign doctors

The Ukrainian military intelligence report also talks about Putin’s alleged health problems, saying that he is being treated by the best foreign doctors and this allows him to prolong his life.

It is also speculated that if V. Putin’s treatment had been entrusted exclusively to Russian doctors, he would not have been alive a long time ago.

Mercenaries of the Russian military company

Mercenaries of the Russian military company “Wagner” in Ukraine

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“In this context, it is worth remembering the rumors that V. Putin was allegedly treated by Israeli doctors with the latest medical preparations, then he switched to Chinese medicine, and now it seems that he is being treated by Israelis again. If this is true, it only shows that V. Putin is obviously distracted, because Israeli medicine, which is considered perhaps the most advanced, is fundamentally different from Chinese medicine,” said O. Ždanovas.

If Germany does not give in, another solution is possible

The military expert mentioned that he hopes that the Ukrainian army will receive significant US military support in the form of Abrams tanks as spring approaches.

“Maybe France will give us its Leclerc, and Cyprus will give us 80 T-80UD tanks.” Cypriot representatives have already talked about the possibility of providing Ukraine with modernized Soviet tanks and mentioned the condition: in exchange they want to receive modern Leopard tanks, military expert O. Ždanovas said and confirmed that Ukraine currently receives military support from the Czech Republic and Slovakia – modernized tanks of the Soviet era “T-72”.

War in Ukraine

War in Ukraine

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Speaking about Germany’s stubborn position to refrain from the supply of tanks to Ukraine for the time being, the military expert mentioned that if the Germans do not give in, in accordance with the principle that tanks located on German territory cannot be transferred, there is a way to solve this problem.

According to O. Zhdanov, in the next few weeks we can expect permission to transfer German tanks located in other countries to Ukraine.

“It must be recognized that Germany is one of the leading countries in terms of the amount of support provided. It sends enormous amounts of humanitarian aid, and supports Ukraine with solid sums of money. However, Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s position of simply refusing to provide military aid without stating clear reasons or motives is hard to understand. This behavior of the German chancellor completely undermines the great support provided by Germany and its people, and also spoils Germany’s image in the international arena like a spoonful of tar,” said O. Ždanovas.

The amount of military support is considerable, but it would only be sufficient for defense

Evaluating the scope of the military aid package, which was agreed upon by the Western countries at the recent meeting held at the Ramstein air force base, O. Ždanovas refrained from premature optimism.

He had a rather reserved assessment of the considerations that this weaponry should be enough for the Ukrainian army to achieve victory and assured that this is only possible if, after going on the offensive, they manage to break through the front line.

However, for now, according to the military expert, the new aid package from Western countries should be seen only as a weapon for the defense of existing positions.

A military expert predicts extremely fierce clashes, the outcome of which may determine Putin's downfall

O. Ždanovas revealed another trend, it turned out that the Ukrainian army lacks mortars, and Western countries can do little to help.

“Recently, we feel a shortage of mortars. Although we get mines for them, there are very few mortars. This indicates that there is a significant shortage of these weapons. The Baltic countries hand over six mortars to us. And they, especially self-propelled, are an extremely effective weapon in supporting infantry.

This cannot be said about artillery, the military aid package includes hundreds of howitzers and tens of thousands of artillery shells for them.

In Ukraine, it is expected to see not only Patriots, but also F-16 fighters

Military expert O. Zhdanovas revealed that 100 Ukrainian soldiers are currently being trained abroad to use Patriot air defense systems.

A military expert predicts extremely fierce clashes, the outcome of which may determine Putin's downfall

“In a month, we are waiting for them on their return to Ukraine together with the Patriot systems.” By the way, this gives real hope that we will see Western military aviation in Ukraine.

For example, the F-16 fighter jet is designed to intercept air targets while working together with the Patriot. It is like two elements of one circuit. Therefore, with the appearance of the Patriot, it can be expected that if not at the same time, then at least the F-16 will also appear soon, – summarized reserve colonel O. Ždanovas.

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