Giedrius Masalskis welcomed the New Year with his beloved Egle: he shared a shot from India

Giedrius Masalskis welcomed the New Year with his beloved Egle: he shared a shot from India
Giedrius Masalskis welcomed the New Year with his beloved Egle: he shared a shot from India

TV presenter Giedrius Masalskis welcomed the New Year in sunny India. He was accompanied by his close friend Eglė Masiulytė, with whom Giedrius shared a romantic shot on Mandrem beach.

Presenter Giedrius Masalskis welcomed the New Year much earlier. The man who was on vacation in India enjoyed not only another culture, but also the company of his best friend.

Congratulating 2023, G. Masalskis shared a photo on Facebook from the Indian beach Mandrem, where he poses hugging a blonde woman. No longer hiding her identity, Giedrius gave her name as well – Eglė Masiulytė kept him company.

The presenter confirmed to that the charming lady next to him is his best friend.

“Happy and victorious year to all of us, friends!” We will meet them 3.5 hours earlier”, G. Masalskis wrote under the photo.

For the first time, Giedrius shared a photo with his best friend back in December 2021. This time, he published the Christmas greeting from abroad on his Facebook account. He allowed this post to be shared with readers.

“Feliz Navidad!”

With the Mysterious Stranger.

P.S. We live once. But not two”, wrote G. Masalskis.

Giedrius spoke about the fact that his heart is busy back in September 2021 to the portal However, he was not yet ready to speak out loud about his new lover.

“My heart is not free, but still in the healing stage. I’ve always been wary of talking about this topic because it’s not just about me, it’s about someone else who you might not want to engage in public discussion. It’s not time yet,” he told

“I can only say that I have always been very careful and responsible about my obligations. I beat myself up if I say it and don’t do it, so I try not to promise. Now you want lightness, light and positivity in your life. I will be able to say more when everything has healed and there will be more clarity,” the man added.

Giedrius, interviewed for 15 minutes on the occasion of his birthday, also mentioned a little about the woman with whom he traveled around the island of Pantelleria. However, even then she did not want to reveal her name.

“This is the mysterious stranger,” the presenter smiled.

Giedrius Masalskis and Eglė Masiulytė / Žygimanto Gedvilos / BNS photo. reminds that Giedrius Masalskis was married to presenter Asta Stašaityte. The couple announced their divorce back in 2017. They are raising two sons – Daniel and Emil.

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