Ukraine is counting the days: how many missiles Russia has left

Ukraine is counting the days: how many missiles Russia has left
Ukraine is counting the days: how many missiles Russia has left

At night, Russian rockets flew into a maternity ward in the Zaporizhia region, near the front line. Part of the building turned into a pile of rubble. Emergency rescuers were able to pull the doctor out of the wreckage. The mother was also rescued from the destroyed building. Unfortunately, her newborn child died.

On Wednesday afternoon, a rocket attack was also carried out against the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, and there are casualties.

According to the mayor of Kyiv, both houses and critical infrastructure were hit. Rockets flew not only to the Kyiv region, but also to Lviv and Kharkiv regions. Cities without electricity, weather warnings sound in all areas.

The Russians are trying to sow panic among civilians. Residential buildings, hospitals and paramedics rushing to attack sites are increasingly becoming targets again.

Journalists recorded Ukrainian women bursting with tears in the Kherson region, the mother was not at home when another attack took place, one of the wounded was a thirteen-year-old son, whose arm was damaged by the explosion.

Doctors have been working in hellish conditions since Russia withdrew from Kherson almost two weeks ago, cutting off water and electricity lines.

As the attacks become more frequent, in the dark, with flashlights, basic equipment is not working in some hospitals. Especially elevators – doctors are carrying an injured thirteen-year-old up the stairs to the operating room to have his arm amputated.

“They are not people, you can’t call them Russians, they shoot at civilians and children. We didn’t invite you here and we didn’t kill any of your children. Why are you killing our people,” said Natalia, the mother of the injured boy.

War in Ukraine

And the European Parliament (EP) voted, recognizing Russia as a state supporting terrorism and using terrorist methods. This resolution was supported by almost 500 members, MEPs call for more isolation of Russia, inclusion of Russian oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin’s mercenary group “Wagner” and Kadyrov’s soldiers on terrorist lists.

And Ukraine suspects that the enemy is spreading the Russian world even through churches. Ukrainian security has shaken the churches of the Moscow Patriarchate, including the one in Kyiv. Millions of cash and pro-Russian literature were confiscated.

There were suspicious Russians in the churches who had Soviet passports and military tickets.

According to Ukrainian calculations, Russia’s arsenal is running out, the aggressor has three or four rockets left for mass shootings. But the Kremlin is looking for reinforcements.

And in order to save as many residents as possible, the Ukrainians begin to evacuate civilians from the liberated areas of Kherson and Mykolaiv. It is feared that not all the remaining people will be able to endure the cold winter. But part of the population risks returning to their homes.

“I built a house a year and a half ago. But then the Russian world came and destroyed it in an instant. I will rebuild,” said the Ukrainian.

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