Military experts: Ukrainians are attacking again, but in one area the situation is not in their favor

Propagandists of the aggressor announce a renewed Ukrainian counterattack in Kupjansk.

It is announced that the Ukrainians have successfully crossed the Oskil River near Dvorichna and established themselves in Tavilzhanka. At the same time, the attack resumed in the city of Kupjansk.

Presumably, the Ukrainians have cleared the eastern part of the city and are moving towards Petropavlivka. Ukrainian artillery works very intensively here.

The aggressor counterattacks, but his attacks are countered. It seems that the establishment of a Russian defense line on the eastern bank of the Oskil River is less and less possible.

According to experts, the Ukrainian group in Rubtsi – Korovy Yar became active. It is very likely that Rubtsi is occupied, this is also confirmed by Russian sources.

“It cannot be ruled out that the Ukrainians control Korovy Yar. As we predicted, such achievements enable the development of success. This is what the Ukrainians are doing – pushing into the depths of the orc defenses. According to unconfirmed reports, the battles are taking place in Ridkodub. If so, the Ukrainians not only quickly bypassed the water obstacles convenient for defense, but also cut off the supply of Lyman’s group of orks from the north. The situation is very dynamic,” experts write.

In the Lyman sector, the Ukrainians began to move from Yarovo to the east. According to unconfirmed data, the Ukrainians are pushing the Russians out of Novoselyvka and Drobyshev. There is information that this settlement is occupied, but confirmation is required. Blocking the Lyman Group from the northwest is becoming more and more realistic.

War in Ukraine

The repulsion of the aggressor’s positions in the eastern section of Lyman is recorded, the battles spread deeper and deeper into Jampilė. There was information that the Ukrainians had taken back Lyman, but at the moment experts cannot confirm this – heavy battles continue in the city and its approaches.

At that time, the situation in Odradivka – Mykolajivka Druha – Kurdiumivka – Zaitseve is complicated.

It seems that the aggressor has concentrated forces here and is trying to establish a sustainable bridgehead with the necessary road network from Horlivka. It is likely that the aggressor will immediately try to attack Bachmut if successful.

On the other hand, his aspiration to attack Chasiv Yar after capturing Kurdiumivka, thus blocking Bakhmut from the west, with the possibility of developing an attack further north towards Fedorivka Druha – Pryvilja, cannot be ruled out.

The aggressor has no chance to reach this stretch from Soledar due to the strong defense of the Ukrainians and the convenient terrain for defense (water obstacles).

It is unlikely that the occupiers will attack Kostyantinivka, as they would engage in street fighting here, which would threaten the Russian flanks if Bakhmut was not captured.

In Zaporizhzhia, the aggressor attacked Novomychailivka (Vuhledar stretch), but his attack was repulsed.

War in Ukraine

“Furthermore, the Orcs hit energy infrastructure with missiles, causing power outages in several Ukrainian-controlled areas,” they write.

According to military experts, at the last news, something is intensively buzzing, trampling, catching and exploding around Davidiv Brid, they promise to monitor the situation.

On Thursday, Ukrainian drones were shot down in several places in the occupied Crimea.

It is not entirely clear whether these are reconnaissance or attack drones. This shows that the Russians have intensified their air defense, but the Ukrainians are also increasingly flying over objects controlled by the aggressor. It cannot be ruled out that this is how the air defense of the occupiers is being tested, a kind of aerial reconnaissance in battle.

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