The media announces what is actually written in the hidden clause of Putin’s order: 1 million will be mobilized. Russian

The media announces what is actually written in the hidden clause of Putin’s order: 1 million will be mobilized. Russian
The media announces what is actually written in the hidden clause of Putin’s order: 1 million will be mobilized. Russian

“The number was revised several times, and in the end it settled at one million,” the publication quotes the words of its interlocutor.

Many drew attention to the fact that there is a hidden point in the decree signed by V. Putin on Wednesday. Item 7 was marked “For Official Use”.

In the version of the order published on the Kremlin’s website, it is simply omitted, while the version that appeared on the website of the official publication of normative acts states that this clause is intended for “official use”. According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, the secret seventh part of the presidential decree on partial mobilization is related to the “number of mobilized”.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu assured on Wednesday that 300,000 soldiers will be mobilized. reservists. However, it is already becoming clear that this number could be significantly higher.

D. Peskov, speaking about V. Putin’s decree on Wednesday, also claimed that 300,000 people will be mobilized. Russian population.

Sergey Shoigu

The source of Novaya Gazeta Europa said that the Ministry of Defense requested to declassify the entire text of the presidential decree on mobilization, but only the seventh part was marked “For official use”.

The Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom (UK) presented its assessment of Russian President V. Putin’s decision to announce partial mobilization on Thursday, Sky News reports.

According to the daily intelligence summary published by the ministry, Moscow “will likely face logistical and administrative challenges in trying to collect 300,000 staff members”.

According to the ministry, the newly recruited soldiers “will probably not be effective on the battlefield for several months”, and Moscow’s decision to announce the mobilization “can be considered in principle as an admission that Russia has exhausted its reserves of volunteers willing to fight in Ukraine”.

The ministry adds that “even this limited mobilization will be very unpopular among some Russians.”

Kyiv said on Wednesday that its Western allies should increase military aid to Ukraine and further isolate Russia after the country’s president hinted that Moscow could use nuclear weapons in the war-torn neighboring country.

“The only appropriate response to V. Putin’s bellicose threats is doubled support for Ukraine. More sanctions on Russia. More weapons for Ukraine. More solidarity with Ukrainians. More business leaving Russia. More determination to hold Russia accountable,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said in a statement posted on social media.

The order for partial military mobilization and the push for referendums on the annexation of occupied Ukrainian territories show his “desperation” over Moscow’s military failures in Ukraine, a European Union spokesman said on Wednesday.

“This is just another proof that Putin is not interested in peace, that he is interested in escalating a war of aggression,” said EU spokesman Peter Stano.

“It’s also another sign of his desperation, because of how his aggression against Ukraine is going,” he added.

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