Ukraine: Russia planned four terror attacks in Kyiv

Ukraine: Russia planned four terror attacks in Kyiv
Ukraine: Russia planned four terror attacks in Kyiv

The improvised explosive devices hidden in the tea packets consisted of a timer, a detonator and CS explosives with an incendiary mixture intended to cause a massive fire.

According to a terrorist plot prepared by Russian intelligence, the bombs were to be detonated during peak hours to maximize the number of victims. The bombs had to be placed in the combustibles section of hardware stores so that the flames could not be extinguished quickly.

In one terrorist attack, which was supposed to hit a popular cafe in the city, Russian agents were supposed to plant a bomb in a car parked nearby.

This is how the Supreme Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces (known as the GRU) sought to destabilize the country and sow chaos, as well as to send a message on May 9, a symbolic day for Russia, about an alleged extensive underground network of pro-Russian residents waiting for the arrival of the “Russian world”.

“In planning these terrorist attacks, Russian intelligence agencies have once again demonstrated their criminal nature. We worked to prevent the threat and foiled the enemy’s plans just in time. Every step of the culprits was documented, so they will receive the punishment they deserve,” said SBU head Vasylis Maliukas.

The SBU statement said the mastermind behind the effort was Yuri Sizov, a Russian defense intelligence officer serving in military unit 92154. He is believed to have personally instructed a group of agents and even recorded a video of how to plant an explosive device in a shop in the Moscow region. Mr. Sizov is also responsible for other planned acts of sabotage that were to be carried out in the Lviv region in February. At that time, the SBU also prevented the explosions.

The SBU identified a whole ring of spies, commandos and smugglers who transported explosives from Russia, as well as persons who were supposed to carry out terrorist attacks, they were caught with evidence, placing explosive devices in one of the shops, and arrested.

All those arrested are charged with treason, sabotage and terrorism, and face life in prison if convicted.

Earlier, Ukrinform reported that Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSS) planned to assassinate President Volodymyr Zelensky and many high-ranking military and political leaders. May 7 The SBU said it had foiled these plans.

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