The alarming AstraZeneca vaccine is withdrawn from the market: pedagogues, politicians were vaccinated with it in Lithuania –

The alarming AstraZeneca vaccine is withdrawn from the market: pedagogues, politicians were vaccinated with it in Lithuania –
The alarming AstraZeneca vaccine is withdrawn from the market: pedagogues, politicians were vaccinated with it in Lithuania –

“Vakaro žinios” reported that AstraZeneca’s vaccines against the COVID-19 disease are no longer available for sale. This has fueled debate as to whether such a change is related to vaccine safety.

Aborted quietly

The fact that the registration of the vaccine has been canceled was also confirmed by the State Medicines Control Service to “Vakaro žinios”. because it was registered through central registration.

The registrant of this vaccine himself submitted a request to revoke the validity of the vaccine registration certificate. The registrant has the right to submit a request to revoke the validity of the drug’s registration certificate for commercial reasons, but must confirm that the deletion of the drug is not related to the effectiveness or safety of the drug,” said the representative of the service, Aistė Tautvydienė.

The request to cancel the vaccine certificate was submitted by the manufacturer at the beginning of March. And the EC granted such a request.

However, it was not announced on the website of the Service or the Ministry of Health.

Although, for example, the news that the evidence for a causal link between the COVID-19 vaccines Comirnaty and Spikevax and postmenopausal bleeding is not sufficient was published as a separate news item.

The representative of the service assured that this is a normal practice: “This is a standard procedure, which was not separately informed by the European Medicines Agency or the EC. All information on the EVA page is provided only with the vaccine itself and not as a separate news item.”

Does not vaccinate from 2022.

About half a million inhabitants in Lithuania were vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine. When “Vakaro žinias” inquired about the next steps, it turned out that this vaccine has not been used in Lithuania for some time.

“AstraZeneca” vaccine “Vaxzevria” Lithuania’s residents have not been vaccinated for some time now, because by consensus of experts it was decided not to renew the contracts with this manufacturer. 2023/2024 this season’s vaccination was carried out exclusively with Comirnaty vaccines, the same is planned for the upcoming season. As before, residents vaccinated with vaccines from other manufacturers can be vaccinated with Comirnaty vaccine, vaccination is most recommended for persons belonging to risk groups in the fall, before the start of the flu season (until 40th week of the year)”, said the representative of the ministry Julijanas Gališanskis.

He clarified that the “Vaxzevria” vaccine is no longer available in Lithuania from March 2022.

In total, Lithuania had ordered 1.86 million doses of this vaccine, but distributed most of them to other states.

According to the representative of the ministry, 493.4 thousand were issued to medical institutions. doses of this vaccine donated to other countries – 973.9 thousand. doses, utilized – 397.3 thousand doses.

He did not recover for weeks after the vaccinations

We remind you that doubts about AstraZeneca’s vaccine have arisen in the public more than once. At the beginning of March 2021, it was precisely this vaccine that began to be administered to educators.

Then the editorial office of “Vakaro žinios” was simply flooded with stories about the body’s reactions to this vaccine. Some compared the vaccinations to rat poison. Educators said that after the vaccinations the temperature rose, the body shook, and headaches, muscle, eye, and ear pains came. Many educators after the vaccination could not go to work.Some recovered only after several weeks.

At that time, news appeared that after the “Vaxzevria” vaccine, an extremely rare side effect – the formation of blood clots – could occur.

At that time, some countries even refused vaccines from this manufacturer, and Lithuanian Health Minister Arūnas Dulkys reassured that these were only rare cases. In order to reassure the people, the leaders of Lithuania voluntarily chose to be vaccinated with this manufacturer’s vaccine.

President Gitanas Nausėda, Speaker of the Seimas Viktorija Čmilytė-Nielsen, Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė and others chose this vaccine for this purpose.

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