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Strengthens the family bond

Psychologist Lina Gudaitė-Berckaitienė is convinced that family vacations improve the emotional state, help to create a sense of closeness and community, says the Tez Tour press release.

“Traveling gives you the opportunity not only to be physically together, but also to have quality communication. Family members have more time, can give more uninterrupted attention. Vacations allow you to create unique experiences and family adventures that strengthen your relationship,” says the psychologist.

This trend is confirmed by tour operators. They notice that there is an increase in the number of travelers who want to go on vacation with the whole family, and they plan their trips in advance during the school holidays – places fill up the fastest during this period. photo. / Family vacation

“Traveller survey data show that 22 percent Lithuanians go on vacation abroad because they want to spend more time with their family. Sales statistics reveal the same trends. We can already see that families are planning their holidays more actively than last year. Compared to last year, spring and summer trips are purchased by almost 8 percent. more families with children”, presents Inga Aukštuolytė, head of the Public Relations and Marketing Department of Tez Tour.

Useful for the whole family

According to L. Gudaitė-Berckaitienė, a trip to foreign countries with children not only brings the family closer. This is also a great opportunity to expand the horizons and worldview of the little ones.

“Away from their usual environment, children get to know new cultures, develop social skills, encounter non-standard situations, which they learn to solve. They also try new flavors of local cuisine, learn new languages, and this develops comprehensive independence and growth, which allows them to get to know the world and themselves,” the psychologist shares.

This is also a great opportunity to expand the horizons and worldview of the little ones.

She also reveals that travel requires organizational, planning and decision-making skills. This is a great way to develop cooperation and communication between family members while finding compromises. photo. / Family vacation

“A pre-purchased trip not only creates a fun waiting process, but also encourages family members to jointly plan the vacation route, places of interest, entertainment, and the contents of the suitcase.” It is also a great incentive for children to save money, which they can spend on their own needs”, concludes the specialist.

The focus is on the needs of children

The nature of recreation with children also depends on individual factors: family needs, children’s age, available expectations.

“It is ideal to combine active activities with passive rest during vacation. Only upon arrival should you relax on the beach for a few days, enjoy quiet entertainment, and then you can go on sightseeing trips, visit museums, galleries, parks, and try activities outside the hotel,” advises L. Gudaitė-Berckaitienė. / Family Travel / Family Travel

The travel organizer’s representative notes that families traveling with children give priority to the wishes and interests of their children.

“Families with children more often go on trips closer to where they can enjoy good weather and a warm sea – Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria. They also choose hotels that offer more entertainment for children: water slides, children’s discos, animators, heated pools. It is also popular to choose “all-inclusive” meal packages, which makes vacations with the little ones much easier,” shares I. Aukštuolytė.

Take a vacation at least once a year

Psychologist L. Gudaitė-Berckaitienė recommends taking a vacation with the whole family at least once a year.

“Traveling provides a short but very effective break from everyday activities and worries. A change of environment can give you a break from work, housework and other normal duties that are naturally exhausting and stressful. Vacations help to restore the balance between work and rest, so it is necessary to rest, relax and spend time with family,” says the specialist. photo. / Family vacation photo. / Family vacation

She also points out that when traveling with a family, and especially with small children, various unexpected situations can occur, so when preparing for a trip, it is worth setting your mind and understanding that you will have to find compromises together.

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