Germany will legalize cannabis from April 1

Germany will legalize cannabis from April 1
Germany will legalize cannabis from April 1

“So the law can enter into force on April 1,” said deputy parliamentary group leaders Dagmar Schmidt of the Social Democratic Party, Maria Klein-Schmeink of the Green Party and Konstantin Kuhle of the pro-business Free Democrats (FDP) on Thursday evening after the last round of negotiations.

“These rules are a real step forward for modern drug policy in strengthening prevention and improving the protection of health, children and young people,” they said.

In the future, adults will be able to grow cannabis at home and store small amounts of it. From July 1, clubs will be allowed to cultivate them together.

The law aims to combat the black market and reduce drug-related crime, curb the trade in adulterated or poisonous substances and reduce the number of users, the health minister said.

Officially, the Bundestag should adopt the law during the week starting February 19. It will then go to the Bundesrat on March 22, where it is expected to be free of obstacles.

However, as of April 1, the more than 40-year ban on cannabis will almost certainly be lifted.

The legislation was agreed in November, but there was a long debate within the coalition over youth protection, with one lawmaker expressing fears that “people will literally be smoking weed on every corner”.

However, the law has remained unchanged since then, except that its effectiveness will be evaluated in several stages.

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