lies under the surgeon’s scalpel for one extremely sensitive reason

lies under the surgeon’s scalpel for one extremely sensitive reason
lies under the surgeon’s scalpel for one extremely sensitive reason

A woman addicted to plastic surgery who spent 175 thousand on cosmetic procedures. dollars, refuses to go under the scalpel again, even though her family fears for her safety and claims it helps her deal with the pain of killing her boyfriend.

Admitting her addiction to plastic surgery, the woman revealed that she spent about 175 thousand on various procedures. US dollars, but despite the family’s warnings, she is not going to stop.

Nicole Zavala, who appeared on VH1’s reality show Cartel Crew and currently lives in Miami, opened up about her addiction to plastic surgery on her YouTube channel, truly, writes

In the mini-documentary, the brunette beauty told viewers how she “likes” to constantly change her look, and just recently spent another 20 thousand for her 30th birthday. USD for the fourth breast surgery and fillers.

She went on to explain that “the last year has been really hard for her” because her boyfriend of three years, Demetrius Meach, was killed about five months ago, so “just having fillers and tattoos and piercings… makes her feel better “.

In one shot, she shows off a portrait of her late partner tattooed on the inside of her arm. An inscription next to him reads: “Demetrius, legends live forever.”

Speaking about plastic surgery, the brunette beauty said she likes “looking fake” more than being natural, noting that she gets “all kinds of comments” about her artificial appearance.

People often compare her to Bratz or Barbie dolls and sometimes say that she looks like a ‘bloated fish’ because of her lips.

Addressing her critics, she added: “I don’t care what anyone thinks… if you don’t like it, don’t visit my page.”

Nicole says she often faces prejudice because of her surgically-corrected appearance: people automatically assume she’s ‘stuffy’, ‘arrogant’ or ‘mentally disturbed’.

In the short video, Nicole declares, “I wish people knew that I actually have a good heart.”

“I am very modest, and even after appearing on television, I have not changed at all. I don’t think I’m above others.”

One of Nicole’s favorite procedures is lip plumping.

“I like fillers, I like my lips. I think I spent more than 150 thousand on plastic surgery. USD – almost 175 thousand. I’m really addicted to plastic surgery,” she admitted.

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