a 13-year-old Lithuanian girl who went outside was found murdered near the house

a 13-year-old Lithuanian girl who went outside was found murdered near the house
a 13-year-old Lithuanian girl who went outside was found murdered near the house

On Thursday, a gruesome crime took place in Sakartvele – a little girl was found murdered, news portal agenda.ge reported. The news reached Delfi that a 13-year-old Lithuanian citizen was killed.

Sakartveli’s Ministry of Internal Affairs is said to have informed on Friday that an investigation has been launched into the body of a minor girl found dead in Tbilisi. The girl’s body was discovered after she went missing on Thursday.

The investigation is being carried out under the article “intentional murder with aggravated circumstances”, the body of the minor has been sent for an autopsy.

A 13-year-old Lithuanian girl was killed

A man contacted the Delfi editorial office and reported that the girl killed in Sakartvele is a Lithuanian citizen, she is his 13-year-old sister.

The guy started the conversation with shocking words: “We have a tragedy in the family…”.

It is said that on the evening of Thursday, March 16, the 13-year-old girl went outside to walk the puppy, when she returned, she asked to stay outside with her cousin, but after they left, they possibly got angry and parted ways. The Lithuanian woman went outside alone, her parents found out about it half an hour later and immediately rushed to look for her, but they found her already dead.

“He ran out to look for it and after 3 hours he found it 50 meters from the house, dead in the bushes,” the guy told the shocking details.

She was possibly strangled

According to the man who experienced the tragedy in the family, the search for his sister started around 23-24. (local time), residents of the district, officials, everyone contributed. About 3 o’clock at night, a neighbor found the girl dead, her body was found in the bushes. According to preliminary data, the 13-year-old girl was strangled.

The suspect has not yet been found, police officers are investigating the circumstances of the incident. The family is waiting for more details of this tragedy to come out and to know the truth.

The boy, Delfi, said that the cruel accident that befell them is the main news in Sakartvel, the news is escalating at the political level as well, it is said that there is a dispute about the circumstances. The whole situation hurts and angers the relatives who are going through the tragedy.

The family does not spare good words for the Lithuanian embassy, ​​it is said that they are very helpful in all matters, but they would like to receive even more help from the Lithuanian institutions.

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