The death of Pradingelis in the toilet of “Iki” – the deceased’s wife told how she found it –

The death of Pradingelis in the toilet of “Iki” – the deceased’s wife told how she found it –
The death of Pradingelis in the toilet of “Iki” – the deceased’s wife told how she found it –

I had to break the door

A horrifying, so far confusing and surprising event took place on Tuesday, when it was learned that a 34-year-old man was found dead in the toilet of the “Iki” shopping center on Mindaugas street in Vilnius. It turned out that he was a man who had left home and disappeared since February 28. Pavel. His wife Julia also called for help on the social network: “The last time we spoke on the phone was around 6 p.m., he said he was going home. He didn’t answer any more calls – the phone has been switched off for a couple of days. We informed the police, called hospitals – no news.” As announced, the last time the missing person was recorded was on March 1. 6:30 p.m. Vilnius station, Geležinkelis street.

The police received a report about the find of the croup on Monday around 12:00 p.m. Officers entered the toilet after firefighters opened the door with a crowbar. As Julia Samorokovskaja, the representative of the Vilnius County Police, told “Vakaro žinias”, according to the initial information, the man’s body was without signs of violence. However, she could not comment on the unofficial information disseminated to the public that he could have been lying in the toilet of the “Iki” store for up to 12 days. Now experts are determining how long the body was in this room, which caused the death.

A terrible smell spread

On Wednesday, the wife of the deceased and his friend Maksimas revealed more information to “Vakaro žinia” about the search for the missing person, which will last almost two weeks. cleaners. They said that the toilet has been closed since March 1, but all the more so they had to control so that no one would enter again,” said Julia.

According to the interlocutors, a woman who called them last week said that she saw a person similar to the wanted man in the pharmacy located in the shopping center: “On Friday evening, we came to the store’s security staff and asked them to look at the camera records. We wanted to check the information received, to find out in which direction Pavel went. However, we were answered, suggested to call the General Help Center, etc.”

The relatives of the missing person turned to the investigator. Police officers came to the shopping center to check the camera recordings on Monday, and then, according to Pavel’s relatives, it became clear that the man entered the toilet and did not leave. According to Maksim, when the door was opened, a terrible smell spread, the officials advised the relatives not to go and look.

Unused premises are not inspected

“Iki” communication manager Vaida Budrienė confirmed to “Vakaro žinia” that the mentioned toilet was broken: “The external security service checks it every day. This toilet has been marked as not working. It was waiting to be fixed.” However, she could not answer since when the premises had been closed or whether it had been checked, and suggested contacting the security service. According to a spokeswoman for the chain of stores, the police are investigating and will find out.

Rūta Juodeikė, the marketing manager of the company “Grifs AG”, which protects the shopping center, claimed to “Vakaro žinias” that the toilet had not been working since March 1, and it is not practiced to check unused rooms: “The doors were locked. How the person got there will be explained by the police. We are very much looking forward to the findings. We will also conduct an internal investigation, the cameras will be reviewed.”

How did the man get into the toilet?

The relatives of the deceased wonder how Pavel could get into the locked room. Maksim reminded that someone told him that on March 1 the toilet was still working: “I don’t remember well, because I was already in shock in the store. But was the toilet checked before it was closed for repairs?”

For now, the question remains as to why the young man, if he was locked, did not knock on the door or break it open. The wife thinks that her husband’s health may have failed.

On Wednesday, the prosecutor’s office could not clarify the details of the incident to “Vakaro žinia”, as the pre-trial investigation to determine the cause of death is still in its initial stage.

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