Residents who received bills for heating amounting to hundreds of euros are stunned: the solutions offered are not feasible for everyone

VšĮ Velzis communal farm supplies heat to Miežiskis, Nevėži, Velži, Smilgii, Gustoni, Šilagali, Liberiškii, Šila, Raguva, Naujamiestis, Velži, Upyte, Dembava and Krekenava. In some of these settlements, heating is supplied only to various institutions, and in some – to apartment buildings. It was the residents of the latter who were shocked when they received their December heating bills.

It is true that the residents using AB “Panevėžio energija” were also stunned, but the bills from this company did not reach the same numbers as from the Velžio communal farm.

The bills were shocking

Aušra Brukštuvienė, who lives in the Dembava apartment building at Veteranų st. 15, was shocked to receive a heating bill.

“Only the foundations of our apartment building were renovated, not the whole house. The area of ​​the apartment is 58.19 square meters. It was necessary to pay 256.90 euros for November. For December – 345.45 euros. Some space, when you have to pay almost half of your salary for heating. And where are the other taxes – garbage, water, gas, electricity?” said the resident, adding that last year for the same month, he had to pay 150 euros.

Neighboring house at Veteranų st. 13 – renovated. “For the same area, people received a bill of 217 euros, and here it is on the other side of the street, on Veteranų st. 4, – as much as 444 euros. With such accounts, one can only dream about other needs”, said A. Brukštuvienė.

When asked if she intends to apply for compensation, the woman testified that she plans to go to the municipality on January 20 and try her luck. However, it is not known whether it will succeed.

The chairman of the 7th house on Melioratoriu Street also testified that he had never seen such bills in his life.

“Our house is renovated. This is a really beautiful and excellent apartment building. I live in a four-room apartment and I received a bill of 210 euros just for heat, not to mention other additional charges. Neighbors living in a three-room apartment received a bill of 170 euros, and a two-room apartment received a bill of 144 euros. When we already received a 139-euro heat bill for November, we knew that we wouldn’t get anything good in December,” said the man, who did not want to reveal his name.

According to him, people receiving a pension or the minimum wage have no choice but to pay the bill and not meet any of their other needs.

“I hear from friends that people living in the city pay 50-80 euros for heat and it’s hot at home, about 24 degrees, and the heat in my apartment is about 20 degrees. “It’s really not hot when there are two small children at home,” said the interviewer. – This is robbery! How long will people keep quiet?’

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Compensation does not depend

Upytė, Ėiškių st. Aušra Bertašienė, who lives at 12, was also shocked when she saw the heating bill.

“For 48 sq. meters for a 2-room apartment, we received a bill of 381 euros. Last year, for the same period, we received a bill of about 200 euros, so I can safely say that heating has doubled in price!”, the woman complained.

“I earn 600 euros myself, we raise two children. Compensation, unfortunately, is not ours, because according to the social department, my husband works abroad. However, this does not mean that we do not have money. We save very strictly, and such amounts simply drive us to despair. Why do you need to pay so much when it’s not even cold outside, about 6 degrees? And the apartment is too hot for us. The thermometer shows 22 degrees,” said A. Bertašienė.

The house is not renovated. It has no regulator, so the heat is always set the same.

“Residents who live in corner apartments are cold, and we who live in the middle of an apartment building have to sweat and live with open windows. We tried to contact specialists, but they explained – since there is no regulator, there should be a responsible person who would come to the boiler room every day to regulate the heating of the house.

However, many residents here are retirees who don’t want to do such work, and younger residents are working, so they don’t have time to go to the boiler room. In addition, the apartment building is mainly inhabited by pensioners who receive compensation and do not complain about the bills,” she explained.

Wrote letters

Naujamiestis Darius ir Girėno str. Residents of the 45th house even had to sit down after receiving bills for heating. The chairman of the house, who lives in a three-room apartment of 71.81 square meters, received a bill of 454.05 euros for December, and 350 euros for November.

“And here only for heating! The building has not been renovated, but the seams have been repaired. The house has a regulator that heats according to the outside temperature, but the heat in the apartments reaches only 15-17 degrees. Imagine! So we have to warm up additionally with an electric heater,” the chairwoman complained.

Last year, her bill for the same month was 139 euros lower.

“I have already written a letter about this situation to several institutions: Panevėžys district municipality, Velžis communal farm, “Mano būstas Aukštaitija” and the mayor of Naujamiestis. After receiving the letter, they have the right to respond within 20 days, so this deadline has not yet passed. I haven’t received an answer yet. True, on the same day, “Mano būstas Aukštaitija” called me, we received a different surprise – an administrative fee will be charged. What? how much Nothing is explained. Therefore, we will have to explain this tax separately,” said the resident of Naujamiestis.

According to Jonas Sankaitis, mayor of Naujamiestis, VšĮ “Velžio komunalinis ūkis” supplies heating to only one apartment building in Naujamiestis. Namely, Darius and Girėno str. 45 for the house.

“285 residents of the ward applied for heating prices or heating compensation, including 4 residents from Darius and Girėnos str. 45 home. It has a total of 8 apartments,” commented the elder briefly. He did not comment on the letter received from residents.

Encourages renovation

In Pazagieni, heating is provided by Panevėžio energija. Prices here are significantly lower, although, according to residents, they are also shocking.

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Elena Stanienė, the chairperson of the “Pažagieniai” community, will pay 79.70 euros for heating in December. She lives at Švyturio st. 25.

“This month, this amount reached a three-room apartment in a renovated house, while in the neighboring house, Švyturio st. 9, which is not renovated, you will have to pay 159.13 euros for heating alone. Although both apartments have three rooms, the prices are significantly different. I strongly encourage residents to renovate apartment buildings, because this way they will not only save money and live warmer, but also beautify the settlement. After all, a renovated building beautifies the village, said the woman and added that she pays an additional 63 euros for the renovation. – If you add up the sums, it might be the same, but at least we know that we live warmer, and the value of the house has also increased.”

Prices will decrease

Vaidas Virbalas, the manager of VšĮ Velžio Komunalinis ūkis, admitted that the prices are quite high. He emphasized that the amount is formed from two indicators: heat price and meter readings.

“Prices are set by the State Energy Regulatory Council. Why are the prices high? Because everything is based on fuel costs, which are directly included in the price of heating in our institution. After all, we all see that fuel is becoming more expensive, so it is natural that heating is also becoming more expensive,” he said.

However, V. Virbalas consoled himself that heating prices will decrease already in January.

“In December, a megawatt hour cost 200-230 euros, and in January it will reach around 70 euros,” said the manager.

He recommended the residents to first of all apply for compensation, and in the long term, to renovate the apartment buildings. “After all, it is understandable that if the building is hollow, there will be no heat inside,” was the conclusion.

Heating prices also surprised the townspeople

Rising heating prices shocked not only the residents of the district, but also the city. People in the district received bills amounting to almost 500 euros. In the city, they are smaller, but the residents of Panevėžys were also surprised to receive bills in which the heating of a two-room apartment amounted to 90 euros. At the same time last year, it was 50 euros. Daiva Paulauskienė, the press representative of AB Panevėžio energija, commented on this in more detail.

“The size of the heating bill depends on the price of heat per kilowatt-hour set that month and the amount of heat used for heating the home, which is determined by the outside air temperature, the energy quality of the house, and the comfort wishes of the residents in the apartments. The balancing of the internal piping system of the house, the level of automation of the heat point, the qualifications and efforts of the company or person supervising the household also have an impact on the heating bills.

in 2022 December average payments were affected by the increased heat price of AB “Panevėžio energija”, which was caused by the increased prices of fuel and heat purchased from independent heat producers. In December, the price of heat amounted to 9.58 cents per kilowatt hour without VAT.

From 2023 January 1 AB “Panevėžio energija” heat price decreases by 2.8 percent compared to December. Heat will cost residents 9.31 cents per kilowatt hour. The established heat price of AB “Panevėžio energija” is the same throughout the serviced region (Panevėžys city, Panevėžys district Pažagieniyi, Liūdynes settlements, Kėdainiai, Pasvalis, Kupiškis, Rokiškis, Zarasai towns and districts).

In January, AB “Panevėžio energija” is eleventh among 49 heat supply companies in terms of heat cheapness.

Unfortunately, there is no possibility for the residents of the Panevėžys district, who are supplied with heat by the Velžios communal farm, to switch to the services provided by AB “Panevėžio energija”.

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