Lighting of the Kaunas Christmas tree live in 2022

Lighting of the Kaunas Christmas tree live in 2022
Lighting of the Kaunas Christmas tree live in 2022

A Christmas town has already been established in the Town Hall Square, a stage has been set up, and golden stars have already landed on the main Christmas accent. The Kaunas Christmas tree lighting celebration will take place today, November 25, the concert and the tree lighting will be live on the news portal “What’s happening in Kaunas”. The live broadcast starts at 19:00.

For the artist Jolanta Šmidtiene, who has been taking care of the city’s main decoration for 14 years, this year’s royal theme was inspired by the virtual reality film “On the Paths of Angels” seen at the National MK Čiurlionis Art Museum. According to the author, the green scarf will spread coziness, warmth and hope.

With the top, the height of the Christmas tree will reach about 24 meters, it will be decorated with about 400 golden stars, maybe more. The lamps are safe, economical, but they will shine brightly, assured the artist. She and a team of 10 people have been working on this Christmas tree for at least two months, helpers are also contributing – now 15 people are working on the Town Hall Square.

This year, the lighting of the Kaunas Christmas tree will take place together with the “Fulfillment Action”. During the event, there will be performances by Linas Adomaitis, Mantas Jankavičiaus, Marijonas Mikutavičiaus, Merūnas, Gabrielis Vagelis, Saulius Prusaitis, Iglė, the group “Baltos Varnas”, Lina Rastokaitė and Jokūbas Bareikis.

“What’s happening in Kaunas” reminds that the creation and implementation of the idea of ​​this year’s Christmas tree lighting celebration will cost 176 thousand. EUR with VAT, of which slightly more than 169 thousand. EUR is planned to be allocated from the city budget, and almost EUR 7,000. euros should be covered by sponsors.

At that time, the tree lighting event in Kaunas will cost more than the Christmas tree itself. Just like last year, the event organization company “Lietuvis” won the public procurement competition, the city has planned to allocate almost 170 thousand for the celebration. EUR with VAT.

All the latest information about the Christmas tree lighting event can be found on Facebook.

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