Overcome headaches effortlessly: an expert revealed the golden way

Mother of three children, entrepreneur Simona Lipnė and pharmacist Rūta Trakšelė, one of the founders of “Sveikatos vieto” are in the studio….

The pains are rapidly getting younger

Headaches and migraines are what Simona has been dealing with since she was a teenager. For her part, pharmacist R. Trakšelė, one of the founders of “Sveikatos vieto” says that headaches are rapidly getting younger and even school-aged children complain about it.

“Before the show, I checked the statistics. Three and a half million packages of headache medicine are sold each year. This substantiates the idea that, first of all, people start saving themselves by grabbing a pill, and only later start looking for certain changes in life.

If we are in pain, we take a pill and go on with our work and duties.

It seems that we are smart, but unfortunately, sometimes we allow ourselves to reach the bottom in order to straighten up,” the expert is convinced.

Proposed a simple way

However, the interviewer says that there are definitely ways to help manage headaches. “Self-love is a very important factor. However, if you get tired, work a lot and tension headaches start to appear, this indicates that it is time to take up such an activity that will reduce tension.


If we have children and a family, it is much more difficult to find time for ourselves, but if you have the opportunity, find 5 minutes to relax.

Stay in the dark, cover your head so that you are not disturbed by light, sounds, because these are all stimuli. You need to be in a certain vacuum with your thoughts – to calm down for a while, to stop. Even with such a practice, you will soon feel that the situation becomes easier, your well-being improves.”

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What we talked about:

00:00 presentation of topics and speakers

00:40 Sticky about headaches

02:30 As a teenager, headaches were out of control

05:45 Headaches are getting younger

07:45 Parents pass on their rush to children

08:35 A headache began to interfere with life

11:26 Dad’s death changed thinking

12:35 Simona Lipnė is happy to have found a doctor

15:22 Simona Lipnė shared ways to relax

17:05 How to reduce headaches without drugs

19:50 Simona Lipnė about empathic children

10:35 p.m. Shock of not receiving headache medicine

24:30 Simona Lipnė was treated at the clinic

27:05 courage to share health topics helps others

31:10 headache worsened vision

34:20 headache causes irritability

40:48 farewell

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