Opera soloist A. Zakarauskas urges to take care of health: “You can’t buy immunity in the store”

Opera soloist A. Zakarauskas urges to take care of health: “You can’t buy immunity in the store”
Opera soloist A. Zakarauskas urges to take care of health: “You can’t buy immunity in the store”

The healthy lifestyle and health current affairs show “Sveikas rytojus” discussed men’s health and talked about how one should eat and nurture the body properly to stay healthy and strong.

Not so long ago, tenor Antanas Zakarauskas, well-known in Lithuania and beyond, did not particularly care about his health. However, as he himself said, certain breaks and time made him appreciate her more.

“There are certain moments in life when we wonder. We cannot escape our genes. In my family, both parents had certain health problems that led to their passing from this world. After drawing certain conclusions, I wanted to go back to where I was 10 years ago. Every man must understand that he needs to take care of his health himself, because no one else will do it. Personally, singing did not allow me to divert attention from my own health. Even when the singer sticks a needle into his little finger, he feels a clear stimulus,” said A. Zakarauskas.

The opera soloist told the show that the most important thing is to check regularly.

“I do blood tests regularly. Most importantly, I check if the general blood test is good. Of course, I also take into account the family doctor’s recommendations. I also started to live more actively – I move more and sit less,” said the interviewer.

However, research and an active lifestyle are not the only things that help Antanas maintain good body functions. According to the interviewer, good health is also greatly contributed by nutrition.

“I maintain a balance in my daily diet. I watch what, when and how much I eat. I also use special food supplements with polyphenols. You can’t buy it in an immunity store and change it after taking one medicine, so I always pay attention to the composition of supplements. When I go to the pharmacy, I also pay attention to what is new and what, perhaps, it would be useful for me to consume preventively”, said the opera soloist.

A. Zakarauskas is interested in nutrition and products that provide the greatest benefits to the body, especially men, but admits that getting the required amount of vitamins with food is probably difficult for many.

“A person is not capable of consuming very large amounts, such as broccoli, pomegranate, turmeric or green tea, which contain polyphenols. For example, if my stomach is more sensitive, I might not be able to drink as much pomegranate juice as I should. However, if the good stuff is in the form of a concentrate, then of course I never give up on the idea that I could consume such a supplement. This is especially relevant in the cold season. In order not to get sick, we have to take care of our health every day”, the interviewer shared his thoughts.

According to the doctor who spoke on the show. urologist, founder of the clinic of urology and andrology, med. m. Dr. Vytautas Kamarauskas, there are several main reasons why men’s health deteriorates.

“If men start the morning with a cigarette and a cup of coffee, and then run straight to the car, it’s a bad start to the day. If a person does not sleep well, works a lot, does not eat properly, feels stressed all the time – this has an impact on health. And for men, such things especially affect the level of testosterone. If it is lacking, a chain of all kinds of things starts: insomnia, potency disorders, problems with sex life and, of course, if a man is not successful in these matters – very big psychological problems appear”, said doctor V. Kamarauskas about the causes of men’s ill health.

According to the doctor, several things are extremely important to maintain good body functions.

“If a man exercises in the morning, he enables the body to produce male hormones. The level of other hormones and enzymes in the body also changes. If men begin to lack testosterone, nervousness, completely unexplained stress, sweating for no reason, hand tremors, and memory concentration problems may appear. From the age of 40, it is necessary to have a regular health check-up,” the doctor said on the show.

Doctor V. Kamarauskas said that every man’s health is greatly influenced by diet.

“The body needs quality food that contains fiber, vitamins, fats, carbohydrates and proteins. We will not replace the diet with food supplements alone, but there are supplements that contain substances that are extremely necessary for the body. There are preparations with polyphenols, which are absorbed better once they enter the body. They can serve to strengthen immunity, improve sexual potency, protect the prostate from inflammation and cancer,” said the specialist.

In collaboration with the University of Cambridge, the National Cancer Research Network and the National Institute for Cancer Research, medical oncologists, together with British researchers, carried out a national double-blind phase II Pomi-T clinical study, for the first time in the world, a unique preparation was created from perennial products rich in polyphenols – pomegranate fruits with peel and seeds, broccoli florets and stems, green tea extract and turmeric rhizomes.

Doctor V. Kamarauskas said that polyphenols are a true gift of nature.

“Polyphenols are a substance that activates talleukin, a certain substrate in the body that is responsible for the production of T lymphocytes. The OT lymphocyte is an infection fighter. It is a warrior and guardian of the immune system,” the doctor said.

Pharmacist Povilas Vilkas revealed in the show how not to get lost in the abundance of choices and how to choose the right food supplement.

“I advise you to consider whether the preparation is certified and evaluated by scientists. For example, Cambridge scientists, who analyzed the properties of polyphenols and other phytochemicals, discovered that polyphenols, which are especially important for strengthening immunity, are abundant in broccoli, pomegranates, green tea and turmeric. Innovative technology made it possible to extract polyphenols from them and concentrate them in a capsule in such an amount that just a few of them satisfy the daily rate of polyphenols needed by the body. Such a preparation as Pomi-T, can have a maximum effect and is very convenient because it can be taken without a break. Therefore, by taking just a few capsules a day, it is very convenient to constantly maintain good immunity and the general condition of the body, to facilitate aging processes”, said the pharmacist.

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