No, the 80 young doctors in Canada did not die from the COVID-19 vaccine

No, the 80 young doctors in Canada did not die from the COVID-19 vaccine
No, the 80 young doctors in Canada did not die from the COVID-19 vaccine


80 young Canadian doctors have died suddenly after vaccinating them against COVID-19.


There is no evidence to suggest that the 80 Canadian doctors listed by another doctor, William Makis, died as a result of the COVID-19 vaccine. First of all, almost half of them, contrary to what W. Makis said, are not young, their age reaches 55-70 years. Secondly, doctors who died during accidents, accidents, intense sports or due to advanced stage tumors were also included in the list.

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In October, a photograph was shared on social networks in which several dozen people’s images with their names were placed. According to users who shared the photo, these are portraits of 80 young Canadian doctors who died from the COVID-19 vaccine.

False message

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Messages about the sudden deaths of young doctors have circulated on the Internet in other languages ​​as well. Most of them were spread by falsehood and conspiracy theory portals, which indicate that the author of this statement is William Makis, a doctor practicing in the province of Alberta, Canada. October 15 this man sent a letter to the Canadian Medical Association asking for a review starting in 2020. the sudden death of 80 young doctors in December, when the vaccination of doctors against COVID-19 began. This letter is not the only attempt by W. Makis to speak on this topic. He spread the same information in other ways – the social network “Gettr” and giving interviews.

It is on the Gettr platform that one can find higher-quality photos with the names of what he says are young doctors who have died from COVID-19 vaccines (archived copy of post HERE). First of all, if you look at the list, you can see that W. Makis’s list includes doctors whose age ranges from 25 to 69 years. Almost half (39) of those in the age category between 55 and 70 are on the list, so these people, although death at such an age can be called early, were not young anymore. Manipulation can be seen in such a description of the dead, especially since the list of doctors distributed on social networks is of extremely low quality and their age cannot be read next to the photographs.

Another important fact is that by no means all the deaths of the doctors on W. Maki’s list could even theoretically be linked to the vaccine against COVID-19, and complications after vaccination were not officially named as the cause of the death of any doctor.

For example, Michael Mthandazo, a doctor in his fifties from Vernon who appears on the list, is officially considered drowned. July 30 of this year. the man and his son set out to swim in the river. While they were cooling off in the water, the current of the river sped up, and although Mr. Mthandazo still managed to help his son get ashore, the man himself was no longer able to do so – he was caught by the current of the river. Rescue teams only found the man’s body a few kilometers from where he had been swimming with his son (HERE).

Another doctor on the list, 51 years old. Dr. The death of Kris Jardon, whose death W. Makis describes as unexpected, was indeed taken by cancer – this cause of death is indicated on the website (HERE) of the Cedars Cancer Foundation, to which the gynecologist made a significant contribution. Cancer in 2021 in February, 30-year-old Dr. Michael Proulx. In an interview with Le Soleil, his wife recalled her husband’s medical history, revealing that Mr. Proulx was unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer in both lungs, and the couple first noticed symptoms in 2020. in the spring and summer, when the husband suddenly began to lose weight. Since the first vaccines against COVID-19 had not yet been invented at that time, they could not possibly be related to Ms. Proulx’s medical history (HERE).

Three more doctors on the list – Dr. Jakub Sawickis, Dr. Stephen McKenzie and Dr. Lorne Segall – Practiced at hospitals owned by the same operator, Trillium Health Partners. Soon after their deaths, when rumors spread that they could have been caused by the COVID-19 vaccine, the operator himself issued a statement denying this version. “The rumors circulating on social media are untrue. Their deaths are unrelated to the COVID-19 vaccine,” the tweet read (

). The circumstances of the death of these doctors were also investigated by Reuters fact-checkers, who determined that Mr. Segall died of advanced lung cancer, with which he had been fighting for 4 years, Mr. Sawicki’s wife reported that her husband was diagnosed with stage four stomach cancer, and Mr. McKenzie , as reported by his office, died due to a serious illness (HERE).

24-year-old medical student Nelia Scheeres also made W. Maki’s list, although in 2021 in August, she died in a car accident when the car she was driving crashed into a truck (HERE). Another doctor, Dr. Richard Cartier, who died last summer in the Himalayas while descending the slopes of K2. The 61-year-old man was an experienced athlete and mountaineer, but the fact that his death in the mountains is not related to the vaccine and most likely occurred due to extreme fatigue or natural conditions while descending the slope is also shown by the fact that another climber who accompanied him died together with R. Cartier ( HERE).

The mere inclusion of these cases of doctors who apparently died from completely different causes on a list linked to alleged vaccination deaths is enough to make the list false. To this can be added the fact that more than half of the doctors listed in it are not young, most of them are mature middle-aged. Also, while the figure of 80 sounds impressive, it is important to note that in Canada in 2019 according to the data, there were a total of about 86 thousand. practicing doctors (HERE), so it should not be surprising that some of them, like people in other professions, die for one reason or another.

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