The world boxing champion appealed to the police: a drone tried to film her naked?

The world boxing champion appealed to the police: a drone tried to film her naked?
The world boxing champion appealed to the police: a drone tried to film her naked?

IBF women’s boxing weight category up to 53.5 kg world champion Australian Ebanie Bridges (8-1, 3 KOs) talked about his experiences with perverts and their strange desires.

“Why should I hate perverts?” They just give me money and compliments. One of my fans from Great Britain paid £500 just to send him my dirty training socks. Who needs an OnlyFans account when you have dirty socks? The strangest thing is that I get many more requests to sell socks than underwear,” said E. Bridges.

The champion noted that more than one fan also asked to sell…the water in which she bathed.

“I can swear I get a lot of these requests. If my socks cost £500, the water I was bathing in would be much more expensive. I don’t think you would buy it, so you can stop asking about it,” said the Australian.

However, one unpleasant experience does not give E.Bridges peace until now. An Australian woman has revealed that a drone in Brentwood (England) tried to film her naked. An Australian woman was so shocked after the drone incident that she was terrified when she heard a buzzing sound at night, thinking the drone had returned. After all, it was just a fly.

“I was staying in Brentwood. Everyone knew about it because I posted about it on social media. It was a very hot day, I was about to travel to London. At that time I was painting and I was without clothes because I was staying on the top floor. Then I looked out the window and saw a drone there. I quickly covered my body and tried to understand what was going on here. That drone then flew away, but soon reappeared, only this time in my bedroom. Then I took my phone and started filming what was happening. I thought that the only purpose of this drone in this place could be to film me naked. I contacted the police after this incident. I don’t know if any of my fans have been like that, but I know some of them are pretty crazy. I get love letters from them and stuff like that,” Bridges said.

E.Bridges revealed that he did not miss it This is Emery performance in the tournament of fights without gloves, where the athlete bared her breast after the victory by knockout.

“It’s a shame I didn’t think of it earlier. Now that Tai has done it, I can’t do it again. Sorry, but I won’t be exposing my chest anytime soon. The contestants in bare-knuckle fights are pretty crazy, there are definitely some interesting personalities out there. I can only congratulate that. I thought she had a nice chest, so why not show it off?” – added E. Bridges.

The next fight of E.Bridges should take place against Shannon O’Connell. The latter already managed to call E. Bridges a “dirty striptease dancer”.

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