“There are dark days, but I am becoming a happy person”

“There are dark days, but I am becoming a happy person”
“There are dark days, but I am becoming a happy person”

The well-known man, who has no shortage of good mood and sincere laughter on TV screens, said during the filming of the show that in fact there are all kinds of days in his life – not everything is always as it may appear from the side.

“I am inspired by life. I am becoming a happy person. Of course, there are dark days. There are always some, but I try not to show it. I live, as I say, with light,” said the performer.

Although Justin creates his daily life with a positive attitude, he does not name food as a source of good mood. For a famous performer, the most important thing is that the food brings benefits and gives energy.

“First of all, food is a source of energy for me. I don’t think it’s always good to eat, just lobster and stuff. Food is fuel for our body,” said J. Lapatinskas.

While traveling, Justin also likes to try the cuisine of a foreign culture. However, unlike many who are used to during the holidays, Justin does not like to overeat. He also always thinks about food waste.

“I like to order something delicious in foreign countries, to taste undiscovered dishes. But eating exotic food every day is not for me. For example, while staying in Paris, we ordered small crayfish at a restaurant. Of course, you can take two plates, but I don’t like to waste food. The most important thing is to taste it, to understand what that dish tastes like,” Justin said on the show.

However, no matter how much a famous man tastes undiscovered dishes, he is most happy with Dzuk cuisine.

“One of the tastiest dishes for me is fresh, grated potatoes brought from the village with lepeškas (squirrels – auto. post) side dish. I know that a lot of people don’t appreciate this mushroom, but it’s very tasty to me,” said the famous musician.

It’s true, although he calls himself rather picky, there are still some dishes that the famous man avoids.

“I’m not a fan of fish – I don’t like the bones in it. Of course, there are fish without them, but the very act of chewing a fish seems so papery to me. But my wife likes fish. I always make it for her, but I prefer to eat potato dishes”, said J. Lapatinskas.

Living with his wife Migle is gradually changing the eating habits of a stubborn dzuk. As the artist himself will say, the wife’s influence in this sphere is positive, because the husband includes more healthy dishes in his diet.

“Now I live in a family with a woman who is the master of her kitchen and I change my diet to a healthier side without any remorse,” the singer smiled.

The well-known performer will also remember the days when he had to participate in more than one musical reality show. Back then, you rarely had to go to the kitchen, because everything was taken care of in advance.

“The nutrition has always been top notch. If you came to live there and only eat, you could easily gain 20 kilograms. When participating in such projects, breakfast is included, lunch is included, and dinner is included. Everything is. You just need to pick up the microphone and sing,” said the interviewer on the show.

While Justin and Ilona were having fun chatting, Robert Svetlauskas, the grill master of “Kamado bono”, prepared a very tasty and hearty meal for them in his studio – pork tenderloin steaks with Coleslow salad.

Will the chef’s dish please the singer? What does J. Lapatinskas cook together with his daughters? What does a famous man dream about today? All this and more – already tomorrow.

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