A detachment of observers from Lithuania prepared for the “referendums” in Donbas – What is happening in Kaunas

A detachment of observers from Lithuania prepared for the “referendums” in Donbas – What is happening in Kaunas
A detachment of observers from Lithuania prepared for the “referendums” in Donbas – What is happening in Kaunas

The chairwoman of the “International Good Neighborhood Forum”, whose liquidation is still in court, Erika Švenčionienė and its member Edikas Jagelavičius announced that they are observing the “referendums” in Donbas. Conservative Paulius Saudargas says that this is a betrayal of Lithuania, so law enforcement institutions should do their job and demand the responsibility of such actors.

Fans of the Kremlin reported on Thursday evening that they are on their way to Russian-occupied territories, where pseudo-referendums on joining Russia will begin on Friday.

“It’s just that fate gave us the chance to be participants in two missions,” explains E. Švenčionienė in the published video.

E. Jagelavičius adds that he is already “sitting on his suitcases” and will go to observe the “referendums” in Donbas.

Voting on joining the Russian Federation begins on Friday in four Russian-occupied regions of Ukraine.

“There, as you know, referendums will be held in four areas, so we will see everything with our own eyes, we will make sure whether people will really come or vote honestly. Do people really want to become a part of that big country, that big country with which the West is now at war”, explained E. Jagelavičius, who in the past headed the Socialist People’s Front Party.

E. Švenčionienė adds that when she gets there, she will try to talk to people and see for herself what the situation is there, because the information she receives about the events in Lithuania is allegedly distorted.

“I want Lithuania to receive as correct information as possible,” she added.

According to E. Jagelavičius, after observing the “referendums” they will go to hot spots as “war journalists”.

Western countries condemned these pseudo-referendums and declared that they would not recognize their results.

P. Saudargas: we cannot leave without responsibility

Paulius Saudargas Delfi, a member of the Lithuanian Christian Democrats (TS-LKD) faction of the Seimas, said on Friday that law enforcement must find ways to bring such actors to justice.

“I think we will definitely find laws that they have broken. As long as we haven’t done that, we can unequivocally view this politically as a betrayal of the state, because all the ideals of the democratic world are being betrayed,” the member of the Seimas emphasized.

According to him, when the entire democratic world supports Ukraine and does not recognize the upcoming “referendums”, the actions of such persons and the attempt to ingratiate themselves with the Kremlin and legitimize their results is a betrayal of the goals and ideals of NATO, the EU and Lithuania.

“Can this be proven in court as treason?” It smells like that. And I think that the law enforcement will continue its work”, said P. Saudargas.

In his opinion, law enforcement should find a way to punish this trip as well.

“And for all other actions and for this one too, one cannot be left without responsibility. Everything is clear here – if you go to support the “referendums” organized by the Kremlin, which try to justify a brutal invasion of another country, killing, torturing, deporting people, this is treason,” the politician emphasized.

He clarified that according to the current laws, it is possible to demand personal responsibility of such actors, not only to seek to liquidate their organization.

According to the conservative, if there is a need to improve the legal framework, law enforcement should inform parliamentarians about it. However, at the same time, he questioned whether the current laws are not enough to prevent such actors from parasitizing our state.

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Tuesday that “referendums” in the Donetsk and Luhansk “people’s republics” on integration with Russia would help protect residents of the eastern Ukrainian region by giving Moscow greater military powers.

“Trespassing on Russian territory is a crime, and committing it allows you to use all possible force for self-defense,” D. Medvedev, who is currently serving as the vice-chairman of the Russian Security Council, wrote on the Telegram platform.

Planning another trip

At the end of July, E. Švenčionienė went to Moscow with several comrades and took part in a show spreading Kremlin propaganda there. There, she said such things that the General Prosecutor’s Office applied to the court, asking to liquidate the “International Good Neighbor Forum”.

The court is still deciding this issue. As E. Švenčionienė announced a week ago, the bank closed the association’s account on its own initiative.

In addition, law enforcement is conducting two pre-trial investigations related to this association.

In autumn, E. Švenčionienė should once again go to Moscow. It could be understood from the forum leader’s speech that Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov agreed to receive her, but the specific time of the meeting is not clear.

“As far as I understood from the answers I got, the politician I would really like to talk to, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, he has a lot of international visits in September, so it will either be at the very end of September, or it will be in the first week of October,” – when a meeting could take place, she said.

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