It has begun: everyone is taken to the war in a row, complaints are pouring in by the thousands

It has begun: everyone is taken to the war in a row, complaints are pouring in by the thousands
It has begun: everyone is taken to the war in a row, complaints are pouring in by the thousands

A Moscow woman who was detained along with her husband during a demonstration against the mobilization told The Moscow Times that male protesters were issued summonses at the police station.

“There was an officer from the military commissariat who handed the arrested men summons papers,” she told The Moscow Times.

“When the first man was told to go into a separate room, we didn’t understand what was going on – but when he came back with the summons, we just cried,” she said.

While announcing the measure on television on Wednesday, Putin insisted that Russia would carry out only a “partial” mobilization of reservists with military experience, reports of mobilization from around the country show that some men are being drafted without having served in the armed forces.

Long queues of cars line Russia’s borders with neighboring countries, including Finland, Georgia and Mongolia, as the men likely try to flee the country, and prices for flights to countries hosting Russian travelers have skyrocketed.

One father of five with no military experience was contacted by authorities in the Siberian city of Ulan-Ude on Thursday, his wife Yanina Nimayeva told The Moscow Times.

“Yesterday the local authorities called my husband and asked where he is now. We were shocked and just turned off our phones,” she said.

“On Thursday morning they visited our apartment where we are registered to check if he was there,” she added. “We are trying to contact human rights activists.”

According to Russian law, subpoenas must be delivered personally to the recipient, who must sign them to acknowledge receipt.

One man, whose identity has not been released, who was mobilized in the city of Chita near the Chinese border, told the state-run RIA Novosti news agency on Thursday that he had been served with summons documents at home.

“They told me to come [į karinį komisariatą] around ten o’clock in the morning with warm clothes,” he said.

Dozens of videos have gone viral online, clearly showing groups of men gathering outside military commissariats or boarding buses and planes in various Russian cities.

More than 10,000 reservists were called up in the first twenty-four hours of mobilization, Rear Admiral Vladimir Cimliansky told reporters late Thursday night.

Additional conscription points have reportedly opened across Russia, from St. Petersburg to the Russian Far East.

As concerns grow that nearly every male between the ages of eighteen and 60 could be at risk of mobilization, human rights groups have received a flood of inquiries offering help to soldiers or potential conscripts.

“The panic is huge,” said Sergej Krivenka of the group “Citizen. Army. Law”, head of legal aid to Russian soldiers.

“We used to receive about 50 requests a day, but in the last two days we have already received 14,000,” he told The Moscow Times.

Aleksandra Garmazhapova, one of the founders of the anti-war organization Free Buryatia Center, which supports people in the Siberian republic of Buryatia who have refused military service due to religious or other beliefs, said that up to 5,000 men are likely already mobilized there.

“This is not a partial mobilization; the situation in Buryatia is very similar to full mobilization,” she told The Moscow Times, giving an example of a man being woken up by the military at four in the morning.

“[Pagalbos] the flow of requests not only increased, it literally overwhelmed us. Before, there were… two or three messages every day… and now every member of our team received thousands of messages in two days,” she said.

Meanwhile, in Moscow, the protest monitoring group OVD-Info reported that anti-war protesters were handed conscription papers in at least fifteen police stations after anti-mobilization demonstrations on Wednesday.

“There are cases of psychological pressure,” said Eva Levenber, who oversees legal issues at the OVD-Info group.

“It was not uncommon for summonses to be served by people in civilian clothes without any identification,” she told The Moscow Times.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters Thursday that the practice of issuing subpoenas at police stations “is not against the law.”

Russian journalist Artyom Krieger, who was detained while covering protests in Moscow, said he had received summonses to report to a military commissariat.

“There were about a dozen men at the police station who also received such documents,” he told The Moscow Times from a police van ahead of a court hearing scheduled for Thursday.

“I am a student and I am exempt from military service. I just hope everything goes well,” he said.

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