Eat these products before the sauna: you will feel much better

Eat these products before the sauna: you will feel much better
Eat these products before the sauna: you will feel much better

Bath owner Ramunė Žukauskienė emphasizes that when preparing for the sauna, it is important not to forget certain rituals and choose the right snacks and drinks: enjoy fruits, vegetables, herbal teas.

Vaida Budrienė, the communication manager of the “Iki” shopping chain, says that when autumn comes, the sales of not only seasonal vegetables but also various teas increase.

“Autumn is inseparable from warm drinks on a hot day. It is for this reason that we have prepared a wide range of them. In addition, we work closely with local growers of aromatic herbs.

Various herbal mixtures of traditional, long-loved herbs, such as chamomile or mint tea, remain the most popular among chain buyers: they are intended to alleviate colds, coughs or digestive system disorders,” says V. Budrienė.

To the sauna – at any time of the year

Ramunė Žukauskienė, a journalist, a member of the Society of Friends of the Lithuanian Sauna, and the owner of the healthy lifestyle homestead “Vabalynė”, says that she has been interested in sauna culture for about 16 years.

“It all started with an interview with a person who decided to establish a sauna academy in Lithuania. We became interested in it because my husband and I had a sauna at home at the time, but we didn’t know how to use it to make it healthy.

Other knowledge related to the sauna – about herbalism – also came from my family – my great-grandmother, grandmother and mother, who inherited their experience. After connecting everything, we were lucky enough to turn this hobby into a way of life and a source of livelihood,” says R. Žukauskienė.

According to the woman, it is recommended to go to the sauna at all times of the year, of course, it receives special attention in the cold season. A sauna is a place for relaxation, rest, health, treatment, and communication. Another important thing, according to R. Žukauskienė, is that going to the sauna supports traditions, the natural culture of our region.

The biggest mistakes

Although the sauna culture in Lithuania is already at a very high level, sometimes, according to the sauna owner, people still have to be reminded that the sauna is not a place to have fun, it is meant for relaxation and peace.

“You should go to the sauna with a lot of respect: both for the sauna itself and for the people who gather there. It is important to remember what natural resources are concentrated in the sauna: to be grateful for water, stone, fire, wood. Silence should be observed in the steam room of the sauna – so that you and your loved ones can rest.

You should also remember to take care of your skin – scrub it with various scrubs. Simple salt, dried and ground herbs, even dried, ground fruits are perfect for this. A Lithuanian bathhouse is unimaginable without covering it with shingles,” says R. Žukauskienė in a press release.

She emphasizes that another important thing in the sauna is to maintain the right temperature, but not too high, because the sauna should not be a challenge for the body. And if we get very hot, we should not forget to cool down with cold water.

What to eat and what to drink?

R. Žukauskienė says that it is important to choose the right drinks and snacks when going to the sauna and shares some useful tips related to snacking in the sauna.

“If you feel that you need to cleanse your body, enjoy a therapeutic sauna, you should have a light snack before the sauna. And later, during the sauna ritual, try to drink only water or herbal teas.

If you still want snacks, it is important to choose vegetables and fruits that store a lot of water: watermelons, melons, zucchini, pumpkins, cucumbers. “Vegetables can be both fresh and pickled,” says the bathhouse owner.

If spending time in the sauna is more for leisure – you should not overeat before going to it either, it is best to choose a variety of vegetable dishes for late breakfast or lunch. Eat less meat. And when getting ready for the sauna, do not bring sweets or flour dishes.

It is best to eat fruits and vegetables, especially seasonal ones: apples, pears, pumpkins. If you want to have a little more satisfying snack, cottage cheese, vegetable or seed spreads are served with fresh vegetables. A variety of vegetable casseroles are also perfect. One more important thing that the sauna therapist emphasizes is that there should always be herbal tea and water on the table.

At the end of the sauna ritual, R. Žukauskienė suggests enriching the body with vitamins – drinking a glass of freshly squeezed, unsweetened fruit or vegetable juice or enjoying citrus fruits.

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