Johnny Depp’s heart is busy again: he is dating his lawyer, she is still married

Johnny Depp’s heart is busy again: he is dating his lawyer, she is still married
Johnny Depp’s heart is busy again: he is dating his lawyer, she is still married

American actor Johnny Depp is no longer single. The man is meeting with his lawyer, Joelle Rich, who worked on his team in the United Kingdom in the case against the British newspaper “The Sun”, reports Page Six.

Foreign media reports that the lawyer living in London is married, but her relationship with her husband has been broken for some time. The couple’s divorce is still not final.

Earlier this summer, Depp sparked rumors of an affair with another attorney, Camille Vasquez, who worked with him during the high-profile Amber Heard trial. However, C.Vasquez quickly shut down these rumors, calling them “sexist and unethical.”

“I care a lot about my clients, of course we have become close. But when I say “we”, I mean the whole team, and of course that includes Johnny.

Photo by Johnny Depp and Joelle Rich/Vida Press.

These rumors are unethical. This is sexism. I find that annoying and disappointing, but at the same time, that’s what I can expect in a job like this. I can’t say I’m very surprised,” Vasquez told People.

Joelle Rich was not assigned to the US case, but she was reportedly in the courtroom during the trial. According to Us Weekly, the British lawyer, who has two children, was in Virginia to show her support for the Oscar-nominated actor.

“She had no professional reason to be there,” a source close to the couple told the magazine, also revealing that Depp and Rich met secretly in hotels at the beginning of their affair. True, it is not clear when this novel began – the actor’s team does not comment on the rumors.

We remind you that in November 2020, Hollywood star Johnny Depp lost a case in which he accused the British tabloid newspaper “The Sun” of defamation, which called him a “human killer” in its article.

Former spouses Johnny Depp and Amber Heard appear in court in London (30 photo)

Movie sagas “Pirates of the Caribbean” (Pirates of the Caribbean) star is suing NGN and The Sun editor-in-chief Dan Wootton over a 2018 article alleging the actor abused ex-wife Amber Heard during their tumultuous two-year marriage.

The couple’s relationship ended in 2016, when A. Heard filed for divorce, and the court ordered J. Depp not to approach his ex-wife due to alleged violence.

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