He said what people want to see on money after the death of the Queen: he surprised many

He said what people want to see on money after the death of the Queen: he surprised many
He said what people want to see on money after the death of the Queen: he surprised many

The Queen died on September 8. aged 96, after 70 years on the throne, causing a wave of mourning in the UK and around the world. Her death heralds a series of changes across the Commonwealth and the UK, including the introduction of new banknotes and coins that will feature the face of the new monarch.

However, some sections of the people are calling for a change in their country’s monetary tradition. Social media has been flooded with calls for another face on the Australian dollar, with many recommending Steve Irwin, the late wildlife expert who died in 2006 after being stung by a stingray. mirror.co.uk.

Imagine S. Irwin’s image on the money

One woman wrote on Twitter: “I think it’s time to replace Queen Elizabeth’s face with Steve Irwin or Heath Ledger.”

Another echoed her wish, saying: “Can we organize a petition to put Steve Irwin’s face on the banknotes instead of the Queen’s?” That’s what we all want.”

A third said: “Steve Irwin deserves our most valuable currency note. If Steve Irwin is on the $5 bill, it’s going to be worth a lot more.”

Don’t want to see the king on the money

But Australians wanted to see more than just an image of Steve Irwin. In an effort to coax the king out of cash, they even started offering fictional characters, native animals and even classic Australian food.

In a Reddit post, one man called on his fellow Australians to suggest potential candidates to replace the Queen on the Australian $5 bill.

He said, “Well, now for the important stuff. Which face will we choose on our money? Because I don’t want to see Charles III. Maybe Steve Irwin or Russell Coight? Give us some ideas.”

One person suggested Neighbors veteran Alf Stewart, while another suggested Australian sitcom Kath and Kim.

Others recommended rugby league shirts, comedian Hamish Blake and pavlova for dessert.

Changes will have to wait

But all Australians, as much as they fear the appearance of King Charles III on their cash, will have to wait a little longer for change. The Reserve Bank of Australia has confirmed that the king should be printed on banknotes and that there will be “no immediate changes”.

In keeping with tradition, when his face is finally on the money, his face will be facing the opposite direction from his mother’s. It continues a royal tradition believed to have started around 1660 during the reign of Charles II, when the new monarch faced the opposite direction of the old monarch.

The only exception was Edward VIII, who insisted that his profile be turned to the left for unknown reasons.

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