Estonia is preparing to subsidize electricity for smaller companies

Estonia is preparing to subsidize electricity for smaller companies
Estonia is preparing to subsidize electricity for smaller companies

Published: 2022-09-23 11:11

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The Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology of Estonia is pushing for the universal price of electricity to be applied not only to residents, but also to commercial users.

As Kristjanas Jarvanas, the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology says, where he quotes, the prepared amendments provide for the application of universal services to small companies with up to 50 employees and whose annual turnover does not exceed 10 million. Eur.

The project also proposes to classify non-profit associations, foundations and individual entrepreneurs who purchase up to one gigawatt hour of electricity per year as recipients of universal services.

Commercial users will be able to receive universal services until 2023. the end Depending on the amount of energy consumed, the prices of universal services for commercial users and domestic users may differ.

If Parliament passes the changes, commercial customers will be able to start using universal services on November 1.

The Competition Council will announce universal electricity prices by September 30. Enefit Power has to submit an application to confirm the price of electricity for the universal service in the next few days, rao

The Competition Council will review the application and make a decision to approve the price or set a temporary price if the application remains unapproved.

The final price for the consumer will consist of the production costs, the profit of the electricity producer and the trading costs of the electricity seller.

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