Palmyra: Friday is a time of change

Palmyra: Friday is a time of change
Palmyra: Friday is a time of change

It will be a rather dangerous day, testing our ability to remain faithful. It is quite unfavorable for partnership relations. It will not be suitable to discuss matters with partners, to plan further activities. Although you shouldn’t make plans at all today – due to circumstances beyond your control, it will be difficult to implement them. It is also not suitable to sign important documents and various agreements today. It is not favorable to start a lawsuit, clarifying relations with competitors, enemies and partners (if you do not want them to become your enemies).

Problems between spouses can also worsen – dissatisfaction with existing feelings, suspicions, just plain arguments can divide more than one couple. It would be best to postpone all concerns until Saturday.

Friday at 3 p.m. 6 minutes As Mercury moves, it will return to the sign of Virgo, where it will be until October 10. When Mercury is in Virgo, it is a good time to systematize knowledge, documents, and rationalize your activities. Persons whose activities are related to rational thinking will become extremely efficient. It is a favorable time for those working in the fields of science, medicine, and service.

Friday at 4 o’clock 5 minutes The Sun will enter the sign of Libra, which determines the recovery of harmony through union, through the establishment of legitimacy in love and affairs. Now the partnership takes on the meaning of restorative justice. Great opportunities open up to find a compromise between the individual “I” and the social “we”, between man and woman, family and society. You will be successful in discovering the axis of harmony between your inside and outside, starting this work precisely from the outside – clothing (style, colors), home furnishings (recommendations can be found in the Chinese Feng Shui teaching and the Indian “Vashu Shastra”).

Dreams from Thursday to Friday are prophetic. It was good to dream of a spring, a well, swimming in clean water – this is luck, health. Dirty water – disease, deception. If a tooth falls out – the death of a close person.

Bad sign: if a shoe breaks, a fire or light beckons without a reason, if a tree breaks near your house or your stick or umbrella breaks, a branch of a tree is broken, flowers are picked.

A good sign: accidentally get scalded, receive fruit as a gift.

A look ahead: Saturday is favorable for communication, celebrations, Sunday is difficult; on Saturday, yellow, blue, cyan are favorable, red, orange, lilac should be avoided; on Sunday, dark red, dark blue, avoid bright colors, yellow-green; red, pink shades are favorable on Monday, green should be avoided.

Aries (03 21–04 20). Take care of your health on Friday. Focus more before working on something: in order not to experience difficulties at work, you must remain diligent and specific, complete tasks accurately. This will help to avoid wasting energy and time.

Bull (04 21–05 20). On Friday, strive to be better informed in business matters – do not be tempted by beautiful promises, unfortunately, you may not feel the deception, succumb to provocation… Be more tolerant of children. This is not the time to make new romantic acquaintances.

Twins (05 21–06 21). Friday is not the time to do anything important – it is a rather complicated and deceptive day when it is best to stay at home. Unfortunately, you will feel uncomfortable and insecure in a foreign environment. Well, at home, be careful not to burden your loved ones with your dissatisfaction.

Cancer (06 22–07 22). Don’t be gullible on Friday – you may be faced with a nicely presented lie. If you can’t insure yourself, you’re not well informed – don’t take the risk. Drive more carefully. It is advisable to spend more time at home.

Leo (07 23–08 22). Dissatisfaction will accumulate on Friday, you will feel a considerable burden of worries weighing on your shoulders. Reach out to those who have experienced similar difficulties in the past. You will receive help, although not necessarily in the way you expected, and not necessarily today…

Virgin (08 23–09 22). Don’t make new decisions on Friday – stick to the old plan. True, be prepared for a forced sudden maneuver. The first half of the day is extremely unfavorable. After 2 p.m. you will feel more fun.

Scales (09 23–10 23). On Friday, it is worth taking care of delayed matters, finishing forgotten work. Avoid explaining your relationship with your partner. If you have secret enemies, you can get a surprise from them.

Scorpio (10 24–11 22). On Friday, the less favorable time before the birthday begins, when the numbers of parasitizing persons start to increase. Don’t be surprised when it turns out that someone is happy to take advantage of your honesty, openness (and secrets). It is best not to do anything or even stay at home.

Sagittarius (11 23–12 21). Be careful at work on Friday – the chances of making mistakes will increase. Check your progress more often. By the way, avoid getting in the boss’s eyes. Be more attentive to the complaints of friends – they expect your sympathy and wise advice, effective help.

Capricorn (12 22–01 19). On Friday, even if you receive good news, you should not expect help from those around you. Be diligent in your daily tasks: you will be more demanding and you will need to be extremely focused to remain competitive in your activities. It is not worth making promises or commitments in matters of business.

Aquarius (01 20–02 18). On Friday, you will see the shortcomings of those around you very clearly, but there is no need to judge, condemn or attack anyone. By the way, the management will also easily notice your shortcomings. Avoid taking risks in business, as well as on the road – you will hardly assess the situation correctly.

Fish (02 19–03 20). Friday is a time of stress, which will make you realize something important and start correcting old mistakes. It will be useful to analyze and adjust your relationships with colleagues, business partners, and the other half: think about how you hurt your spouse?

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