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Matt Dusk & Tom Gaebel – New York, New York:

VIDEO: Matt Dusk & Tom Gaebel – New York, New York

  1. Matt Dusk is the only male jazz artist to have a No. 1 hit. 1 in Japan.
  2. Matt Duskas has recorded 278 songs and released 15 albums.
  3. Most of the time, Matt Duskas records his songs at Capitol Recording Studio in Los Angeles, where he uses the same microphone that the famous Frank Sinatra used to record his hits in his time.
  4. Matt Duskas grew up listening to classical and electronic house style music, and discovered and fell in love with jazz much later.
  5. He has collaborated in recording studios and concerts with all the brightest stars of today’s music – Michael Buble, Paul Anka, Harry Connick Jr., Tony Bennett and many others.
  6. Matt Duskas lived in Las Vegas for four years, where he performed in almost all major concert halls.
  7. Matt Dusk was one of the main cast members of Survivor, the first worldwide reality show produced by Mark Burnett.

    Organizers photo/Matt Dusk

  8. Matt Duskas has been singing professionally and giving concerts around the world since he was 10 years old.
  9. Matt Duskas studied macroeconomics at university, but later chose music.
  10. Matt Dusk is a big collector with a burning passion for sports cars from the 1970s and 1980s.
  11. Matt Dusk is an avid lover of skiing, sailing and… whiskey.

Singer Matt Duskas, whose performance in our country is included in the world tour, will perform the best songs of the legendary Frank Sinatra at a concert in Vilnius on October 22. The Canadian recorded them in his latest albums “Sinatra With Matt Dusk Vol.1” and “Sinatra With Matt Dusk Vol. 2”.

Organizers photo/Matt Dusk

Organizers photo/Matt Dusk

44-year-old singer-songwriter Matt Duskas has been captivating music listeners around the world for years. His success has been fueled by numerous radio hits, critically acclaimed albums, and a loyal fan base that continues to grow each year.

Matt Duskas started singing in the mid-1990s, when he became St. St. Michael’s School of Choirs in Toronto. Later, the singer studied at the University of York, where he studied with the legend of jazz music – the Canadian jazz pianist virtuoso and composer Oscar Peterson.

During his career, Matt Duskas has released more than 10 studio albums that have sold gold and platinum editions. The singer-songwriter is a five-time nominee for Canada’s top music awards, the Juno Awards, often referred to as Canada’s equivalent of the British Music Awards or the US Grammy Awards.

“Singers like Toronto’s Matt Dusk have learned from the Greats and adapted retro classics for a modern audience,” the LA Times writes about the artist.

Organizers photo/Matt Dusk

Organizers photo/Matt Dusk

“Immersing himself in grandiose arrangements, Matt Dusk has mastered Frank Sinatra’s Los Angeles sin-infused style with a particularly authentic feel, turning the clock back some four decades,” agrees jazz bible JazzTimes.

“Matt Dusk brings Las Vegas back to its glory days in spectacular fashion as the standards singer sounds uncannily like Frank Sinatra,” adds Billboard music magazine.

Tickets for the Canadian singer Matt Dusk’s concert “Matt Dusk Sings Frank Sinatra” in Vili can be purchased at all Bilietai.lt ticket offices and online: www.bilietai.lt

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