R. Breu was not disappointed after the draw with the Faroe Islands: “We played against a strong team”

R. Breu was not disappointed after the draw with the Faroe Islands: “We played against a strong team”
R. Breu was not disappointed after the draw with the Faroe Islands: “We played against a strong team”

The Faroe Islands football players were the first to send the ball into the goal. In the 22nd minute, after a free kick, Joannes Bjartalidas made a pass to the penalty area, where an unsupervised Jakups Andreasens successfully beat the defense of Džiugos Bartkaus.

The score became equal in the 44th minute. After a pass by Fedor Černych, Vykintas Slivka rolled the ball into the goal from a few meters away. However, the side referee recorded the offside. After reviewing the episode with the help of VAR, the referees finally announced after a few minutes that the goal was scored according to the rules.

In the second half, the game was close, but neither team created very dangerous chances and the teams parted peacefully.

This was Lithuania’s first point in the League of Nations, unfortunately after this match it became clear that the Lithuanian national team will remain in the last place in Group 1 of Division C.

R. Breu, who took the helm of the national team, said after the debut match that the Lithuanians took a step forward.

“Thanks to the players and the team. We worked well for 90 minutes. It was not easy to compete, especially after conceding a goal in regulation. We will analyze the match, recover and prepare for the match against Luxembourg.

It was a positive step forward from my side. Not everything was perfect or good, but it wasn’t easy for the guys as we discussed a new style of play. However, I have to thank the players because they did everything to win this match,” the coach said after the match.

– It seems that you are not too unhappy about the result, even though the team finished last in the group.

– We always want to play eye-catching football, to control the ball 75 percent of the time, but it is impossible. We played against a strong team. We have to accept this result. Everyone in the team wanted to win the game, especially at home. It was a good first step forward. But yes, everyone knows that our level of play has to rise.

– You mentioned that you would like to play near the opponent’s goal. There was only 1 shot on goal during the match. What did the players or the team lack?

– We have to be honest with ourselves. We did not control the ball well enough, we lacked composure. It was obvious that if we conceded a goal after a set piece, it would not be easy to come back. In the second half, we were not calm enough to control the ball. We want to improve this and become better step by step.

– Lithuania’s goal was scored after a questionable VAR decision. How did you feel about this situation?

– It was not a quick decision, we had to wait four minutes. We are happy with this decision.

– What will you need to improve before the match against Luxembourg?

– This is the young generation of Luxembourg, they scored 3 goals against the Turks. I know those players because I have worked with them for 10 years and it will be a battle. I think it will be a completely different match. Maybe away from home it will be easier for us to compete because they will want to play attacking football and it might be more comfortable for us.

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