The strangest laws from around the world: it’s forbidden to forget your wife’s birthday, spend money or be fat

Thailand: it is forbidden to trample money

Thailand’s King Rama IX is the country’s longest-reigning monarch (for 69 years), and his subjects simply adore him. So adorable that even money with his image is untouchable.

Picture the scene: on a busy street in Bangkok, a man has a bill fall out of his wallet, and to keep it from being blown away by the wind, he catches the corner of it with his foot… And is arrested! Thai law prohibits trampling the national currency.

Italy: No sleeping in a cheese factory

It is illegal to fall asleep in the cheese factories of the Ferrara region. Maybe there is a problem with mice? Is it just a weird law?

US State of Oklahoma: No teasing of dogs

Each state in the United States has its own laws that must be followed by the people who live there. In Oklahoma, it is illegal to make faces at dogs, a crime punishable by jail time.

Utah, USA: Violins cannot be carried in paper bags

The question arises not only about the expediency of carrying such an instrument in a paper bag (after all, it can simply tear, and the violin may fall out and break), but also about who and how will monitor compliance with this law. Will the police patrol and make sure that the violins are carried in the appropriate cases?

Great Britain: Do not import Polish potatoes

Potatoes are very popular in Britain and have been popular since they were first brought over from America. Strangely, however, the law prohibits the importation of potatoes into England and Wales if they are suspected to have come from Poland.

How are potatoes grown in Poland different from potatoes grown in Great Britain? Appearance? Taste? And why did Poland become the victim of this potato xenophobia?

US state of Alaska: It is not allowed to wake bears

I wonder what kind of lunatic would dare to break this law? In Alaska, the wild starts right outside the door, and bears have been known to occasionally wander into cities in search of food.

Maybe some hiker or tourist in the backcountry of Alaska and the idea of ​​taking a picture of one of these terrifying beasts might cross your mind? Then the police would quickly punish a person who dared to audaciously wake the sleeping beast – unless he was convincingly and, perhaps fatally, taught by the bear himself.

Chicago, Illinois, USA: It is illegal to eat in a burning room

As you know, laws are created to protect people, but there are such strange laws that no sane person would violate. In the city of Chicago, it would be a felony to eat in a room where there was a fire. So, you will have to forget about your favorite grilled steak – after all, everything around is on fire!

Japan: It’s not allowed to be fat

Everyone is well aware that being overweight is harmful to health and causes a lot of inconvenience. However, it is difficult to tell people what and how much they should eat.

And in Japan, it seems, a solution was found: in 2009 it was announced that no Japanese resident over the age of 40 could have a waist circumference of more than 78.74 cm (88.9 cm for women)! That’s right! The nation that introduced the world to sumo wrestling really needs to introduce weight restrictions…

The Japanese

Milan (Italy): It is illegal to frown

In Milan, it is illegal to frown or not smile. Italy is a sunny country, and this Italian city is an important center of culture and global fashion. Apparently, there are enough reasons to smile!

But the power of law to pursue it? An inappropriate facial expression can result in a hefty fine! Of course, there are exceptions: the law does not apply in hospitals and during funerals.

Bangladesh: Cheating in school is a serious criminal offence

Cheating during exams is punished quite severely in most countries: the exam is not counted or, in the worst case, the examinee is expelled from the educational institution. But jail time?

And in Bangladesh, it happens exactly like this: students over 15 years old, caught cheating in an exam, are sent to prison.

Great Britain: it is illegal to die in parliament!

Work in the parliament is difficult and tiring: draft laws are discussed for hours, important decisions for the country are made. Indeed, it is possible to put your feet up while serving the country diligently… But it is not legal everywhere!

British politicians are not allowed to die in parliament – it is illegal. How could the idea of ​​bringing the dead to account arise?

Hong Kong: Wife can kill unfaithful husband

Not all marriages last for decades – some break up when one spouse is unfaithful. And in Hong Kong, this is a big mistake, at least for the spouse.

Here, a wife who catches her husband in the act of adultery can quite legally kill him. True, there is one caveat. An unfaithful husband can only be finished off by a rejected wife with her bare hands! It takes a long time to train to meet this requirement, but to get revenge for infidelity, you can probably sweat it out? Maybe this law was created by someone who cheated on his wife?

Samoa: It is forbidden to forget your wife’s birthday

Samoa is a small island nation that some people think is a tropical paradise. However, here too something can spoil the mood. In this little paradise, it’s illegal to forget your wife’s birthday.

It is easy to imagine the panic that many men experience at the last minute, or how they get their wife’s date of birth tattooed on their arm or palm. A wife’s anger is one thing, but when it is also enshrined in a law… Well, the authorship of this law belongs to the woman.

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