Latvia has banned fur farms

Latvia has banned fur farms
Latvia has banned fur farms

The Saeima adopted the amendments to the Animal Protection Law, which were proposed by a group of Saeima members from various parties back in September 2021. During the voting today, 70 MPs voted for, 3 against. There were no abstentions.

It has been decided that fur breeders will not receive financial compensation due to the expected 5-year transition period.

For the past 10 years, animal protection organizations in Latvia have been pushing for this change: more than 42 thousand Latvian citizens and 50 non-governmental organizations signed an open letter to the members of the Saeima.

“This is a historic moment for animal rights in Latvia – a huge victory for both animals and people,” commented Katrīna Krīgere, head of the animal protection organization Dzīvnieku brībīva. “By prohibiting the imprisonment and killing of animals for their fur, we, the citizens of Latvia, confirm that respect for animals is a value. We show that compassion and rationality are more important than greed and arrogance in our country. After all, our attitude towards the weaker is a mirror of our own humanity”, continued K. Krīgere.

About 300 thousand foxes and several hundred foxes and chinchillas are raised and killed in Latvia for their fur every year. The number of animals raised for fur has been decreasing in the country for the past few years. in 2020 there were 580 thousand of them, and in 2017 617 thousand.

in Lithuania in 2021 on November 23, the Seimas approved the draft amendment to the Animal Welfare and Protection Law, which aims to prohibit the raising, breeding and killing of animals for profit from their furs. Currently, the Government’s conclusion on the draft law is being prepared.

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