His former lawyer M. Cohen will testify at Trump’s trial

His former lawyer M. Cohen will testify at Trump’s trial
His former lawyer M. Cohen will testify at Trump’s trial

He was sworn in at a Manhattan court on Monday.

Mr Cohen’s testimony comes after a painful week for Mr Trump, in which adult film star Stormy Daniels detailed a possible sexual relationship between them, which is at the heart of the case and which the Republican presidential hopeful vehemently denies.

S. Daniels, who claims to have had sexual relations with D. Trump in 2006, denies that she threatened him if he did not buy her silence for 130 thousand. dollars (110.8 thousand euros).

Mr Trump, 77, is accused of falsifying business documents to reimburse his lawyer Mr Cohen on the eve of the 2016 presidential election, when the story could have turned politically disastrous.

After Daniels’ marathon testimony and cross-examination, prosecutors now have only to call Cohen, their remaining key witness.

But jurors repeatedly heard from witnesses that Mr. Cohen was a man of complex character who intimidated and cajoled others to get his way, and defense lawyers portrayed him as a pathological liar and convicted felon.

The trial comes six months before the November election, in which the Republican is likely to face Democrat Joe Biden.

For nearly eight hours over two days last week, Ms. Daniels told a New York jury about her one-night stand with Mr. Trump at a celebrity golf tournament, and then about the settlement that she said happened afterward.

She also mentioned the business tycoon’s pajamas, underwear, his behavior in the bedroom and mentioned that he did not use a condom.

Although Daniels said she was not threatened verbally or physically, the woman said she was “embarrassed that I didn’t stop it, I didn’t say no.”

These were details that the defense argued were not relevant to the case, but reinforced and repeated during cross-examination.

Trump listened passively for much of Daniels’ testimony, swearing at times and ranting about the trial in comments to reporters as he walked in and out of the Manhattan courtroom.

Trump denies having sex with Daniels, and his lawyers asked the judge to postpone the trial because her testimony was “extremely damaging” in the largely financial and election-related case.

“People forget if they think he’s going to have a hard time controlling his nerves that he testified in public in 2019 — and he did it in front of 15 Republicans,” a source close to Cohen told AFP, confirming he would testify on Monday.

“Everything he says is documented. There are high demands on him to prove his sincerity, but he has proven that he can do it,” he said.

After being sentenced to three years in prison for lying to Congress and financial crimes, Cohen spent just over 13 months in prison and a year and a half under house arrest.

Gross insults

Judge Juan Merchan dismissed the mistrial appeal last Tuesday, and another motion was filed Thursday.

Merchan has banned Trump from publicly attacking witnesses, and the former president, who has traded insults with Daniels for years, calling her a “horseface” and hurling other harsh insults, has not commented directly on her testimony.

Speaking at a rally in New Jersey Beach on Saturday, Trump denounced the judge as “confrontational” and the prosecutor in the case, Alvin Bragg, as a “radical Democrat.”

But he appeared to defy orders to remain silent and avoided naming any witnesses in the case, including Mr Cohen.

On Thursday, Mr Trump said he was appealing the gag order, and on Friday his lawyers sought to extend the gag order to Cohen, a fierce critic of Mr Trump, before he testifies.

His lawyers also demanded that Trump be allowed to publicly respond to Daniels’ claims about their meeting now that she is no longer a witness.

Judge J. Merchan rejected the request to change the silence order, for the violation of which D. Trump was awarded 10 thousand. dollars (9.23 thousand euros) fine.

In addition to the New York case, Mr. Trump has been charged in Washington and Georgia with conspiring to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

He was also indicted in Florida for allegedly mishandling classified documents after he left the White House, but that case was put on hold indefinitely.

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