After the shock of Vaitkaus’ result, urgent appeals to politicians: leaders do not hide their concern


E. Vaitkus, according to the Central Election Commission, received the most support from voters in the Visaginas district – here he won 37.8 percent. of votes. In Šalčininkai – 39.91 percent. Evaluating the whole of Lithuania, E. Vaitkus came fifth in the elections – 7.33% voted for him. voters who participated in the elections. This surprised part of the public, as the ratings predicted lower results for E. Vaitka.

Electoral leaders and politicians do not hide their concerns

Reacting to this, Gitanas Nausėda, who is seeking re-election, said that such a candidate’s performance in the elections shows certain risks to national security.

“We have to think about whether our whole society is integral. I think that Mr. Vaitkus will, in a certain sense, do a favor – he will allow people to see people who are not looking at the West, but at the other side,” G. Nausėda told the journalists gathered at his election headquarters on Sunday evening.

“This is a certain risk to our national security. I think it is very good that we will see and understand where we need to make more efforts, pay more attention,” he added.

Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė, who came second in the first round, also admitted that such results of E. Vaitkaus make you think.

“These results force not only the prime minister to think more about these regions, but also the president, whoever he is. <...>. This needs to be taken seriously, reassessed and the necessary measures taken,” I. Šimonytė told journalists at a press conference on Monday morning after the first round of presidential elections.

“But this is not only the work of the Government – it is also the work of the President and the State Defense Council in some sense, as well as all pro-European Lithuanian politicians,” said the Prime Minister.

She, like some commentators, thought that this result was at least partly determined by the fact that Waldemar Tomaszewski, who usually wins in the mentioned municipalities, did not participate in these elections.

The chairman of the Freedom Party, Aušrinė Armonaitė, said that politicians must make more efforts in this matter.

“Wise people write that it has always been like this, votes were collected by the Polish election campaign and the Labor Party. But we probably didn’t always live in conditions of open war on the border, global economic perturbations and a generally fragile world order,” the politician wrote on Facebook.

According to her, “yesterday’s signal was meant for us too.”

“Even what we already have today is not taken for granted. We have fights not only for bigger changes in Lithuania, but also for the very basic things, which, it seems, we had already clarified and established a long time ago.

This is a signal to the voters as well. And especially for young people. We do not yet see the voting statistics in these elections, but it is the youngest voters who tend to vote the least,” emphasized A. Armonaitė, who urged the youth to participate more actively in the elections.

Urges politicians to act: without offering solutions – an empty place does not stay that long

Jūratė Juškaitė, the director of the Lithuanian Human Rights Center, drew public attention to the situation, and she described the situation vividly and questioningly as “The war of all against Visaginas and Šalčininkus?”

“Such a big Mr. The number of people who have sponsored children is really very, very disturbing. But how we respond to it is also worrying.

The figures show that in these regions where ethnic communities are abundantly inhabited, p. Children scored 40.71 and 38.31 percent, respectively. votes of voters who voted.

Commenting on the election results, President Nausėda stated that these regions have specific problems and that those problems are not being solved. But basically, this is where the discussion ends. Politicians (all, not only Mr. Nausėda) seem stunned and have no answer as to what to do with it.

Without offering a way out, the empty space doesn’t stay that long. People on the Internet are formulating their own answers – fear and confrontation are intensifying, taking us back to the 90s, when ethnic Russians and Poles were considered enemies of the state and a non-integral “element”.

Personal experiences, when a very large part of our society has acquaintances with Russian speakers, Polish speakers who have preserved their linguistic and cultural traditions and are patriots of this country in the best sense of the word, no longer work. A great deal of fear and mistrust sets in,” J. Juškaitė wrote on Facebook on Monday.

In this case, according to her, politicians should step in and first of all reassure the public – seek to reduce tension and growing mistrust on ethnic grounds.

“Secondly, it is necessary to really devote attention and resources to the regions of Šalčininkai and Visaginas. I doubt that the people living there lack conversations with Vilnius politicians (from the series – we need to talk more).

And what is needed? Is it due to socioeconomic issues? Is there little cultural inclusion? There can be many reasons.

I wish the future president to actively and sincerely search for an answer to this question in the next five years,” added the head of the center.

The children call the performance a victory

At the BNS and LRT press conference held on Monday morning, E. Vaitkus himself was happy with the results, which, according to him, “exceeded the expectations of the rotten and traitorous government.”

“I want to thank all the people of Lithuania for their support and for our victory; I think no one from this rotten and traitorous government could have thought that there would be more than 100 thousand. people who realize that two times two is four and that you can’t fight directly on the battlefield with Russia, because it’s madness”, said E. Vaitkus.

The candidate’s lawyer Mažvydas Misiūnas mentioned that the politician also received threats during the campaign.

“During the entire period of lies and propaganda that took place during the entire presidential election campaign, Eduardas Vaitkus and his family received death threats. Police officers were approached, but they refused to investigate. Not only that, the CEC also did not take any appropriate measures to ensure equal elections”, the lawyer of E. Vaitkaus testified.

Eduard Vaitkus

Mayor Galaguz of Visaginas: I am a little disappointed

The mayor of Visaginas district, Erlandas Galaguz, does not hide his disappointment with the attitude of the people of Visaginas. Although, as the head of the municipality points out, there are obvious reasons why the majority of the population could choose this candidate.

“I am a little disappointed with the voting results. Reasons can be frustration [valdančiaisiais – ELTA], the feeling that our municipality is viewed through a slightly different prism. Another thing is that our voters are more Russian-speaking and, probably, they simply see much less debates and discussions, understand less, and these are the results,” E. Galaguzas told Elta on Monday.

“[Esu susirūpinęs – ELTA] not so much because the residents supported Eduardas Vaitkas, but not because of the surnames. But because the residents elect candidates who use such rhetoric in their electoral programs”, the head of the municipality noted.

E. Galaguzas admits that he has talked to the representatives of the national government about the mood of the residents in the municipality, but, he notes, there are still no concrete solutions to correct the situation.

“I have told the representatives of the Government, the presidential candidates, and the president himself that a little more attention is needed. It is important not to make that municipality into some foreigners, because it demonstrates results loyal to the state. But for some reason, in the media or somewhere, it is always heard that the residents here are not loyal. All this works and disappointment arises”, said E. Galaguzas.

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