The landing of the crashed plane was recorded –


An extraordinary incident at the Vilnius airport – the aircraft flying from Milan to Vilnius skidded off the runway and finally landed on the grass. The entire plane was covered in mud, passengers could not see anything through its windows. The airport authorities have launched an investigation and are looking into what may have caused the incident.

3 The images captured by the passengers of the plane from Milan to Vilnius testify – all the windows of the plane are covered with mud, nothing can be seen through them. The plane skidded off the runway in the afternoon and eventually landed on grass.

One passenger says that the people sitting on the plane were very scared, because when the plane landed on the grass, mud started spraying on the windows, they couldn’t see anything through them.

“The said aircraft skidded off the runway, the crew immediately informed all services of the airport that no one was injured. There was no need for medical help and the aircraft went to the parking place on its own,” said Tadas Vasiliauskas, representative of Lithuanian Airports.

We remind you that the Avion Express plane flew on a charter flight from Milan. Almost 200 people flew on the plane.

The article is in Lithuanian

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