A naked woman provoked the officer: “do you behave like this?”

A naked woman provoked the officer: “do you behave like this?”
A naked woman provoked the officer: “do you behave like this?”

The conflict between the neighbors that started in the apartment building grew to such an extent that the detainees could no longer fit in one officer’s car. The officers also took those who refused to get dressed to the police station.

The woman who met the officers was in a hurry to explain what happened: a conflict arose between two drunken neighbors, the neighbor shouted, threatened to deal with the reporter, break the windows of the car, so the woman admitted that she was afraid.

Soon, two more women came, one of them asked for respect for her mother, but she showed completely different emotions to those around her.

“I go to my mother’s place, the music is playing, that’s what we do here <...> I don’t live here, but I can make things right,” promised the drunken participant of the event.

The accusations against each other become more and more bitter. The officer several times urged the enraged citizen, who intended to make order, to go home, but she decided otherwise.

A woman was arrested for aggressive behavior and appearing in a public place while intoxicated. The detention room was supposed to cool the emotions. While the officers escorted the woman to the car, the neighbors held each other in such a way that they were restrained by their own men. One woman directed her anger at a police officer.

When the officer told him to go home, he got a nasty response, was called obscenities, and was shown disrespectful signs. The woman’s husband urged her to act more wisely, but she did not calm down. At that time, there was confusion in the detention room.

“Where are my shoes?” – the woman’s question from the officers’ car echoed throughout the yard.

The woman who had behaved rudely with the officer earlier tried to free the detainee. She was stopped by an officer.

“I’m going to get dressed, are you leading me like this?” – a woman who had to go to prison for misbehavior tried to escape.

Her husband also got involved in the whirlwind of meaningless arguments, he refused to go home and leave his detained wife. Taking advantage of the moment while her husband was arguing with the officer, the citizen tried to leave, but to no avail.

“Well, you’re getting married like this?” – the woman, stripped down to her underwear, repeated her question to the officer.

“I’ll have to and I’ll take you,” the officer answered without confusion, the woman’s behavior did not have the desired effect, and I still had to go to the police station.

“You moron you’re a head, now you’ve already upset me yourself”, – the officer’s terrorizing with nudity finally made the woman’s husband angry, he did not spare his angry remarks to his lady.

The persistent efforts of the citizen have finally received their due appreciation. Due to unfulfilled legal demands, the hands of the detainees were tied. The police were waiting for reinforcements to arrive.

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