Trading places are not for nothing

Trading places are not for nothing
Trading places are not for nothing

The municipality of Palanga has announced the third tender for permits to trade or provide services in public areas of the resort. It turned out which places are the most expensive – you may have to pay an impressive amount for the permission to provide services.

Profit – and from ice cream

Palanga municipality announces an auction in the designated places in the city territory where certain services can be provided or traded.

Entrepreneurs compete with each other by submitting a higher amount than the set fee. The natural or legal person with the highest bid is declared the winner.

For example, the price of a permit to sell ice cream in Jūratė and Kastytis square for a year starts from 8.3 thousand. euros. In this square, there are four such places dedicated to the sale of ice cream.

On J. Basanavičiaus Street, such a permit will fetch an entrepreneur a considerable amount as well – the auction starts at 5.2 thousand. euros.

In order to sell leather or amber products on this street, traders compete for permission at an auction from 1.1 thousand. euros.

On Palanga and Šventoji beaches, where catering service is provided, activities are allowed from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m.

Prices vary by location

The cheapest permit in the resort costs 40 euros – to sell folk art products during city holidays, including representative events.

On Jūratė Street, selling ice cream is also probably the most profitable, the auction for a permit here starts at 1.2-1.5 thousand. euros. Cheaper permits for food trade, but the price depends on the location.

There is competition from 3.4 thousand people for the opportunity to sell coffee or ice cream in Meiles Alley. euro amounts.

On Vytautas Street, the most expensive permit is from 5 thousand. euros. After winning the auction, a permit is issued for public catering on a terrace or in a temporary structure up to 100 square meters. m.

Permits to sell coffee and tea will have to be auctioned from 1.8 thousand. euro amounts.

In order to sell ice cream on Vytauto Street, you will have to offer more than 2.3 thousand. euros. From 3.2 thousand the amount of euros is resisted in a tender for trade in food products.

Cheaper in remote areas

An impressive sum may have to be paid to an entrepreneur who wants to set up a children’s cafe in a temporary building on Naglio Avenue near Moteri Beach. The tender for the permit starts at 21 thousand. euros.

Tenders for public catering on the beach of Palanga, depending on the location, start from 5 thousand. euros. However, there are places where it is possible to win by bidding more than 19 or 21 thousand. euros.

The most expensive permit is intended for the possibility of providing catering, active recreation, sports organization services in a simple, temporary building. Auction – from 40 thousand. euros.

Palanga beach has more than one place for food. Elsewhere, the competition can start from 35 thousand. euro amounts.

The auction for an outdoor cafe on Šventoji beach starts from 15 thousand. euros. In places further away from the central entrances, permits are cheaper – the auction starts at 2 or 9 thousand. euros.

15 permits are provided for the take-out trade of food products by non-motorized vehicles on Palanga beach, and 10 permits on Šventoji beach.

The procedures stipulate that on the beaches of Palanga and Šventoji, where public catering services are provided, activities are allowed from 8:00 a.m. up to 24 hours

Organizes competitions

Milda Šimkienė, the chief specialist of the Tax Collection Department of the Palanga City Municipality Administration, explained why the tender for permits is being announced for the third time.

“Entrepreneurs are actively interested in the possibility of selling and providing services in public places, but there are also public places that are less in demand. Competitions are organized for every public place. If the tender does not take place (there is not a single request to participate in the tender for a specific public place), it is announced a second time and, if necessary, a third time. At the moment, the tender is being held precisely for those places that have not yet attracted the interest of entrepreneurs”, explained the specialist.

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