drastic actions should be refrained from until the NATO summit

drastic actions should be refrained from until the NATO summit
drastic actions should be refrained from until the NATO summit

“Everyone understands that anything can happen in domestic politics, but of course the period when it will happen is unfavorable. And it is probably clear to everyone that before the NATO summit, internal anger is the least favorable moment. At least until the NATO meeting, until mid-July, we should really refrain from any drastic actions”, A. Skaisgirytė said to “Žinių radio”.

However, according to the president’s adviser, the situation has escalated too much at the moment, so it should be resolved in order to maintain stability in the country after the NATO summit.

“Currently, the situation has already escalated so much, so many emotions are being created around it that it should be de-escalated somehow. If earlier it was only a reputational problem of a few ministers, now it seems that the situation has grown out of the framework of those ministers”, said A. Skaisgirytė.

“And, of course, for the sake of stability in the state and responsibility for the functioning of the state, it may be necessary to address that situation,” she added.

A. Skaisgirytė points out that, first of all, the president is waiting for the decision of the Seimas regarding early parliamentary elections.

The question of who could become the interim prime minister is premature

The presidential adviser points out that if the Seimas does not support the proposal of early elections, a temporary prime minister would be appointed. However, according to her, it is still too early to say who from the minister could become the temporary head of the Government.

“The question is perhaps a bit premature, as the Government has not yet resigned. However, according to the Constitution, the sequence of actions is quite clearly laid out: a temporary prime minister will have to be appointed from among the current ministers, who would temporarily perform the functions and ensure the work of the temporary government”, she emphasized.

ELTA reminds that the investigation of publicist Andrias Tapinas’ absorption of local government council funds caused a political crisis.

After doubting whether ministers Jurgita Šiugždinienė, Gintarė Skaistė and Simonas Kairys transparently used office funds, the presidium of the conservative party made a decision to propose to the Seimas to hold early elections. If the parliament decides otherwise, then, according to TS-LKD, the resignation of the Government would be considered.

At the height of the scandal, the Minister of Education, Science and Sports J. Šiugždinienė admitted that she could not document her expenses while working in Kaunas City Municipality, so the politician submitted her resignation, which Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė handed over to the President on Monday.

G. Skaistė and S. Kairys, who worked in the council of the temporary capital, also indicated that they had no way to justify where they used the funds intended for the council member’s activities. The Minister of Finance indicated that if such a situation arises, she will transfer almost 14 thousand to Kaunas Municipality. euros.

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