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How 15 minutes as “Lietuvos geležinkeliai” previously informed, these changes will manifest themselves differently in each section of the route.

Perhaps the most expensive ticket will be for those traveling to the final stops of the Vilnius-Marcinkonys route.

Passengers traveling from Vilnius to Marcinkonis will no longer pay 6.4 euros, but 7.7 euros. Those who want to go to Varėna by the same route will pay 1 euro more than now. This is 19 percent. increase

Travel in other directions will be less expensive – for those traveling to Aukštaitija on the Vilnius-Turmantas route, the trip to the last point near the Latvian border will no longer cost 8.30, but 9.10 euros.

A second class ticket for the Vilnius-Klaipėda route currently costs 22.5 euros. From June 1 a similar ticket will cost 24.8 euros. The price of tickets in first class rises from 32.1 to 35.30 euros.

A ticket on the route Vilnius-Kaunas in II class will cost from 7.7 to 8 euros on most routes. Travel on the same route in class II on the fastest trains will cost from 9.10 to 10 euros.

“Lithuanian railways”

The price of the Kaunas-Kybartai ticket increases from 5.80 to 6.40 euros, those traveling from the Temporary Capital to Marijampole will pay 4.90 euros instead of 4.40 euros.

The Panevėžys-Mažeikiai train ticket, which currently costs 8.9 euros, will cost 10.2 euros from June, that is, almost 15 percent. more.

Even the shortest routes will be expensive. The ticket price for Vilnius-Jašiūnai will increase by 30 cts, Vilnius-Kena – 20 cts, Šiauliai-Radviliškis – 30 cts.

True, the ticket price may not change for those traveling extremely short distances – for example, those traveling in the II class between Kaunas train station and Palemon will pay 1 euro as before.

As some of the additional services, such as transporting larger luggage, pets and bicycles, are dependent on the price of the regular ticket, choosing such a service will also increase the price of the ticket.

123rf photo/Bicycle

Here, 45 percent is applied to bicycle transportation. fee equal to the price of a regular ticket.

So, for example, if you want to take a bicycle from Vilnius to Ignalina from June 1. you will pay 87 cents more for a full ticket, going to Marcinkonis – 1.89 euros more.

“LTG Link” representative Kotryna Dzikaraitė earlier 15 minutes commented that the company’s costs have risen significantly in recent years: wages, train maintenance and contract costs have increased, electricity and diesel prices have changed significantly, and the macroeconomic environment has also changed.

On average, 11 percent. train tickets have become more expensive last year as well, motivated by similar reasons.

“Evaluating all routes and their sections, the price of a standard 2-3 class train ticket for specific routes may increase to 2.30 euros at most. The company “LTG Link” will continue the applied extremely broad policy of discounts and benefits”, commented K. Dzikaraitė.

There will be more discounts for timed ticket buyers

However, season tickets for frequent train travelers are discounted from 1 June. will be increased.

“Customers who frequently travel by train will be able to choose fixed-term tickets of 30 calendars with 54 percent. one-way discount or timed tickets of 30 calendar days for weekdays (from Monday to Friday) with 39% discount applies to one trip. Until June 1 50% and 35% were applied to this type of tickets, respectively. discounts”, said K. Dzikaraitė.

It is estimated that in 2022 every second ticket sold by the company (almost 1.8 million in total) was sold at a discount or concession.

“People traveling in groups of three or more can take advantage of the 10% group discount. discount, 15% for groups of 21-30 persons. discount, and groups of 31 and older persons – 20 percent. In addition, concessions and discounts are applied to seniors, students, schoolchildren, children, persons with individual needs and victims, POLA card holders, people who buy fixed-term tickets and tickets “back”, said the representative of “LTG Link”.

Žygimantos Gedvilas/BNS photo/LTG Link

Žygimantos Gedvilas/BNS photo/LTG Link

At the same time, LTG Link will simplify the pricing of tickets for the most popular route in the country, Vilnius-Kaunas – from June 1. passengers will be invited to choose regular or express train journeys.

in 2022 According to the data of the first half of the year, “LTG Link” transported 2.212 million passengers, received 31.223 million EUR income and had 1.8 million. euro profit.

The most popular routes were Vilnius-Kaunas (34% of all local passengers), Vilnius-Klaipėda (14.7%), Vilnius-Turmantas (13.8%) and Vilnius-Marcinkonys (7.1%). A similar share was occupied by the Vilnius-Trakai route (7 percent)

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