They warn that it may not be possible to get to Palanga quickly this summer: vacationers will be checked

They warn that it may not be possible to get to Palanga quickly this summer: vacationers will be checked
They warn that it may not be possible to get to Palanga quickly this summer: vacationers will be checked

This year, tourists will see a renewed Palanga.

“From Nemirseta to Šventoja, all the paths have been renewed, the beaches are being cleaned, we also have 14 new toilets, a total of 33 toilets are now operating in Palanga”, said the mayor of the city, Šarūnas Vaitkus.

Tourists are also waiting for businessmen. Occupancy in hotels already reaches 60 percent. Most of the reservations are for the month of July. This year, according to entrepreneurs, the services of resort hotels and restaurants will differ in quality, but will be more expensive.

“Compared to last year, accommodation prices will definitely be up to 10% higher, food service prices will be around 10-15% higher, because the prices of raw materials have grown a lot,” commented Ingrida Valaitienė, head of the Palanga Hotel and Restaurant Association.

At the beginning of the week, the central rescue station of Palanga started working. By mid-September, 60 lifeguards will work at 19 coastal posts. This year, 2 mobile lifeguard stations will appear in Palanga.

“People’s flows are constantly changing, so we monitor everything. If we see that a mass of people has formed in some place, and that place is far from the calling posts, we will send a mobile post there.

A mobile post is an ATV or jeep with rescuers. They will be in that place as long as there are many vacationers by the sea,” explained Jonas Pirožnikas, head of the Palanga lifeguard station.

Lifeguard equipment has also been updated. A wind and waterproof drone capable of carrying a weight of up to 50 kg will rush to the rescue of a person in distress in the water.

“Its function will be to save the life of a drowning person as quickly as possible. He will fly to the place, throw a lifebuoy, then the person clinging to the lifebuoy will be pulled to the shore”, said J. Pirožnikas.

In the warm season, work increases for police officers as well. According to Palanga police chief Algirdas Bugdins, a lot of attention will be paid to alcohol control in the summer.

“We have the means, devices, opportunities, traffic and control points, so don’t be surprised if you enter Palanga not in 3 but in 30 minutes. The police will intensify their work on alcohol control,” he said.

Police officers also address motorcycle drivers with requests.

“You shouldn’t show the sounds of your motorcycles when you arrive. We know that sound is not bad.

We will have the means to measure the sounds emitted. If a violation is committed, we will have to say goodbye to the technical inspection,” warned A. Bugdinas.

Last year Palanga was visited by a record number of vacationers – over 1 million rested here during the warm season. people.

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