The cause of death of the queen of rock and roll Tina Turner has been revealed

The cause of death of the queen of rock and roll Tina Turner has been revealed
The cause of death of the queen of rock and roll Tina Turner has been revealed

It has been revealed what rock and roll legend Tina Turner died of. Her death shocked the world on Wednesday.

According to the Daily Mail, her representatives confirmed that the legendary singer died of natural causes. It is said that the cause of death is an illness, but it is not specified what.

Mr Turner died on Wednesday at his home in Switzerland.

She battled bowel cancer and high blood pressure for more than four decades.

After her death, Turner’s memoirs were released, in which she admitted to considering suicide in 2016.

In one of her latest posts on Instagram, she mentioned World Kidney Day, urged fans to pay attention to it, and admitted that she had put herself at great risk by ignoring health problems in the past.

in 1978 she was first diagnosed with high blood pressure. in 1985 T. Turner was prescribed medication, but she claimed that it made her feel even worse, so she switched to homeopathic remedies, which eventually led to kidney failure, the Daily Record reports.

in 2013 Turner suffered a stroke just three months after marrying her second husband, Erwin Bach. The singer spent 10 days in the hospital and had to learn to walk again. But, unfortunately, this was only the beginning of her decade-long battle with health problems.

In 2016, three years after the stroke, the star was diagnosed with bowel cancer. The tumor was surgically removed from the singer, but this delayed her crucial kidney transplant.

Later, during a health check-up, the woman learned that the natural treatment was not successful, and in 2016 in December, her kidneys were functioning at less than 20 percent. and rapidly deteriorated.

Tina had to choose between two options – regular dialysis or a kidney transplant. Only the latter option could ensure her a normal life.

However, the star, who was living in Switzerland at the time, explained that the country has one of the lowest donor rates in Europe and that the chances of her receiving a kidney in time were “slim”. Tina’s health deteriorated not only physically, but also psychologically. The woman admitted that she had considered suicide several times.

“It was not my idea in life. But the toxins in my body took over. I couldn’t eat. I survived, but I didn’t live. I started thinking about death,” the singer shared her experiences at that time.

Tina’s beloved husband E. Bach, who became his wife’s donor at the age of 60, came to the rescue.

They underwent compatibility tests and despite the star being a high-risk patient due to high blood pressure, in 2017 a kidney transplant was successfully performed.

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