The cause of death of stage legend Tina Turner has been revealed

The cause of death of stage legend Tina Turner has been revealed
The cause of death of stage legend Tina Turner has been revealed

T. Turner, who rose to the top of the music world, has experienced many health problems in the past year – she got cancer, suffered a stroke, and kidney failure.

The singer’s representatives confirmed to that the queen of rock and roll died of natural causes.

After her death, T. Turner’s memoirs became public, in which she admitted that in 2016 considered suicide until her husband Erwin Bach donated his kidney to her.

In her memoirs, she revealed that she registered with the aid organization because she was psychologically preparing for the possibility of death.

Turner learned that her uncontrolled high blood pressure was accelerating kidney damage, and when her body was about to shut down, she began to deal with the thought of death.

Her husband E. Bachas took action in 2017. donated his kidney to her.

For the first time in 1978 T. Turner was diagnosed with high blood pressure, and in 2016 she started a battle with bowel cancer. At the same time, her kidney function was disturbed, so in 2017 she underwent transplant surgery.

in 2023 On April 9, in what is believed to be her last public speech, she told The Guardian how she hoped the world would remember her – and how she was not afraid of death.

“How would you like to be remembered?” asked the Guardian.

“Like the queen of rock and roll. As a woman who showed other women that you can achieve success on your own terms,” ​​she said at the time.

When asked what scares her about getting older, she said, “Nothing. This is the full adventure of life and I embrace and embrace each day with what it brings.

On Thursday, a group of people gathered outside the home of T. Turner to pay tribute to the music legend who called Switzerland his home for almost three decades.

Flowers and cards lay outside the house in the picturesque town of Kuesnacht on the shores of Lake Zurich.

Fans who lit candles and left messages for the singer constantly gathered at the gates of her country house.

Local residents described her as a popular neighbor who was happy that other residents did not make noise when they walked around her.

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