Special perfumes: help to seduce both men and women? Here’s how they work and how much they cost

Special perfumes: help to seduce both men and women? Here’s how they work and how much they cost
Special perfumes: help to seduce both men and women? Here’s how they work and how much they cost

A perfume that helps you seduce the person you want doesn’t sound very realistic. However, some people claim that pheromone perfumes really work – thanks to them, people get more attention and become more attractive to others.

According to traders, natural pheromones are emitted by people themselves, and chemical pheromone perfumes only intensify that effect. This substance is said to affect people’s consciousness, attract the attention of the opposite sex, and as an aphrodisiac it increases sexual desire.

The interviewees indicated that this type of perfume has been popular for a long time, every fifth customer inquires about it.

There are those who say that they really feel the effect and are satisfied with it. Therefore, they buy perfumes regularly, even though their price can reach 130 euros for just 30 ml.

How do pheromone perfumes really work?

According to Erika, consultant of the store chain “Aistra”, pheromones affect the human consciousness and brain with the help of smell.

She pointed out that the composition of pheromone perfumes varies, but the purpose of all of them is to draw the attention of another person that the person who has smelled them is sexy and attractive.

“The pheromone substance itself is produced by each person’s body. The older a person is, the less pheromone is produced. For example, teenagers have a lot of it, and it decreases with age.

It is also important to note that we are wearing clothes and because of this the natural pheromone does not spread as strongly. That’s why chemical pheromones are created, in order to strengthen natural pheromones,” said the representative of the network.

According to her, the pheromone itself has a specific, although often weak smell, so it may not be very pleasant for many. For this reason, manufacturers often add perfume to them to make them smell more pleasant to humans.

“But if a person has his favorite perfume, it is possible to additionally use unscented pheromone perfume with his own perfume,” the interviewer added.

Gintarė Sutkevičiūtė, a consultant at the “Fantazijos.lt” store, added that pheromone perfumes strengthen our natural pheromones, since the equivalents of pheromones created in laboratories can be found in perfumes.

Seductive aromas such as rose, patchouli, and musk are also often used.

According to G. Sutkevičiūtė, pheromones intended for men are designed specifically to attract and attract the attention of women, while female pheromones are designed to attract the attention of men. Therefore, perfume smells, aromas and concentrations differ.

Erika added that pheromone perfumes for men and women differ in their composition because the natural pheromones of both sexes are different.

Pheromones and Aphrodisiacs – What’s the Difference?

Aphrodisiacs are often found in pheromone perfumes. A representative of the “Aistra” store chain noted that pheromones and aphrodisiacs are not the same.

According to her interpretation, aphrodisiacs are substances of plant and animal origin that stimulate sexual desire, activity and potency. And pheromones are chemical compounds that are naturally released by the human or animal body.

“Basically, an aphrodisiac is a fragrant note that has long been considered an aphrodisiac. Oyster, vanilla, saffron, sandalwood, etc. not really attracted to the opposite sex. It’s more a matter of faith.

And pheromones mimic the body’s natural hormones. For example, copulin, a female hormone, is released more by a woman during ovulation. And he attracts men. Manufacturers of pheromone perfumes essentially replicate the female natural hormone,” Erika said.

According to her, perfume manufacturers experiment with different pheromones to create a formula that, based on consumer and research data, should provide one effect or another.

The interviewer did not hide that the effect of pheromones is tested by various scientific studies and tests. There are scientific tests in which their effects are confirmed, in some cases they are denied. It is also partially confirmed or denied.

“The aphrodisiac is easier, it can be used more abundantly, and the pheromone should not be used a lot, because it is a strong substance that replicates our natural hormones,” emphasized the consultant of the “Aistra” store chain.

The most popular fragrances and who buys the most

The representative of the “Fantazijos.lt” store revealed that there is quite a lot of interest in pheromone perfumes in physical stores. According to her, customers often come to smell and inquire about them: “Out of 10 customers, at least 2 customers are interested in pheromone perfumes.”

G. Sutkevičiūtė stated that sales of perfumes are similar by gender, but men’s perfumes are bought more. She singled out that customers usually prefer more concentrated, more intense perfumes containing aphrodisiacs.

According to the interviewer, women prefer fresh and sweet scents more often, while men prefer more intense scents. The choice is also often determined by the time of year.

According to the consultant of the store chain “Aistra”, pheromone perfumes have been popular for a long time: “People are always looking for uniqueness, they want to draw attention to themselves, to seduce.

If 10-15 years ago we had to tell our customers about pheromone scents, now many people already know them.”

Erika pointed out that, according to one of the largest fragrance manufacturing companies in Lithuania, “Aromika”, pheromone fragrances are becoming more and more popular, men and women buy approximately equally. The same trend is observed in “Aistra” stores.

“Since perfume is a very individual thing, customers like different scents. More often, slightly heavier, sweeter ones”, the interviewer added.

Spends 50 euros on average

The representative of “Fantazijos.lt” stated that the prices of these perfumes are very diverse and can range from 10 to 100 euros.

“The price depends on whether the perfume will be perfumed, as well as on the concentration of pheromones in it,” said G. Sutkevičiūtė.

She revealed that an average of 50 euros is spent on pheromone perfumes.

The consultant at the “Aistra” stores emphasized that the price of this perfume depends on the composition: the higher the pheromone concentration, the more expensive the perfume.

“Usually the price of a perfume ranges from 30 to around 100 euros. We notice a trend that older customers buy more expensive perfumes, while younger customers buy cheaper ones,” added Erika.

In some stores, pheromone perfume is priced at 130 euros for 30 ml.

Growing popularity and customer feedback

According to G. Sutkevičiūtė, the demand for pheromone perfumes has increased. According to her, it is believed that the increasing interest of people not only in pheromones, but also in erotic goods and the products offered by them, including pheromone perfumes, could have influenced this.

The “Fantazijos.lt” consultant indicated that this type of perfume is usually bought to seduce a member of the opposite sex, to attract his attention, to enhance charm.

“For the most part, this perfume works and it’s not uncommon for customers to come back for this perfume. So it can be concluded that they really work.

Their effect not only helps to strengthen our naturally occurring pheromones, but also gives us self-confidence, which is extremely important in order to seduce or attract attention”, commented the interviewer.

The representative of “Aistra” also notes that the demand for pheromone perfumes is constantly growing, and the supply is also increasing over the years.

According to Erika, people who love themselves, who want to be noticed, buy this perfume for themselves and do not look for opportunities. Buys for a good feeling, for self-confidence.

She notes that they are often bought by couples for both partners, and they are also bought as gifts.

“We hear different stories. The woman, who returned to buy another bottle of perfume, said she felt she was getting more attention from men. A particularly young-looking girl, who leads the men’s team, said that after starting to use pheromone perfume, the men became more talkative, “softer”.

Of course, it should be borne in mind that the effect of pheromone perfumes is also greatly influenced by a person’s belief that they work. After all, when we are more confident in ourselves, we are more attractive to others as well”, the interviewee shared her insights.

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