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At the leading Lithuanian dental clinic “Shypsenas Akademija”, dental implantation is currently cheaper than usual. The implantation plan is drawn up individually, patients can choose the optimal option. The most important advice is not to wait too long after losing a tooth.

It looks like natural

More and more people are turning to dentists for dental implants. There are cases when an implant is threaded in place of a long-lost tooth. However, specialists advise to contact a dental clinic immediately after losing a tooth. In this case, the procedure will be simpler and will cost less.

“Dental implantation is performed after losing one’s own tooth for various reasons. It is a modern method of tooth restoration that allows you to avoid grinding adjacent healthy teeth. Implantation is recommended to be done without waiting a long time after losing a tooth, because hard and soft tissues in the area of ​​the lost tooth disappear over time. As a result, additional procedures may be needed later to restore these tissues,” noted dentist David Kasradze, facial and maxillofacial surgeon at the “Smile Academy” dental clinic.

It is a modern method of tooth restoration that allows you to avoid grinding adjacent healthy teeth.

A dental implant is a small titanium screw that is threaded into the bone and replaces the root of a missing tooth. A dental prosthesis (artificial tooth), also called a dental crown or crown, is attached to the implant. Implanted teeth look and function like natural ones.

In the case of implantation, the doctors of “Smile Academy” always discuss with the patient exactly what will be done and how: will the patient only need an implant and a crown, will it be necessary to remove old roots, or will it be necessary to grow artificial bone first so that the implant can be inserted into it later.

“Ideally, from the moment the implant is threaded in until the permanent crown is attached to it, 4-5 months pass, the patient visits the clinic 3-5 times. If it is determined that the jaw bone is numb and bone augmentation procedures (augmentation) will be required, the treatment may last up to 6-14 months, and up to 7 visits to the dental clinic may be necessary”, D. Kasradzė explained the course and duration of the treatment.

David Kasradze

Implant threading is a small-scale operation: a small incision is made in the gums, and the implant is threaded. The gums around it must be completely healed, the implant must be fully established, only then can the placement of the upper part, i.e. the dental prosthesis (crown), be planned. “Smile Academy” uses only the highest quality zirconia ceramic crowns, their color is ideally matched to the color of the patient’s adjacent teeth. If the patient plans to whiten his teeth, he should do so before ordering the crown.

Dispelled fears

Some patients fear that the implant will fall out. However, studies show that implants fail very rarely – only 1-2 percent. cases. Possible reasons for this can be concomitant diseases, inflammations, and medications. Postoperative care, personal oral hygiene, and bad habits have a significant influence. If the implant does not adhere to prosthetics, it is reimplanted.

There are cases where the healing head attached to the implant, which forms the gums, becomes loose. If this happens, it is quickly reattached to the patient.

Another common fear of patients is that after placing the implant, the adjacent teeth will start to decay. D. Kasradze also dispelled this unfounded fear.

“Just like your own teeth, the longevity of a dental implant and crown is affected by care. An oral hygienist teaches you how to care for an implanted tooth. If oral hygiene is done properly, there is really nothing to fear. However, it is necessary to periodically attend professional oral hygiene procedures, to come for preventive examinations”, the dentist emphasized the importance of dental care.

He also mentioned that caring for implanted teeth is a little different than real teeth: you can’t use interdental floss to clean the interdental areas of the implants, only interdental brushes.

What makes up the price?

At the moment, implanting teeth at the “Smile Academy” pays off – during the “All Inclusive” campaign, tooth implantation (using MegaGen implants) and prosthetics cost only 999 euros. This price includes implantation (MegaGen implant, necessary materials and surgical procedure), as well as a pre-prosthetic control examination, materials necessary for prosthetics: impressions, crown, abutment and healing head, visits and doctors’ work.

If the patient chooses other implants, the price may be higher than that indicated in this promotion, but discounts are currently applied to all implants. In addition, the price does not include the initial CT scan needed to create a treatment plan, and tooth extraction and bone augmentation, procedures that are prescribed individually if needed.

“Being the leaders of dentistry in Lithuania, we receive a large flow of patients. Our maxillofacial surgeons have an occupancy rate of at least 85%, sometimes as high as 100%. With a large number of patients, we can negotiate favorable prices for the highest quality implants with world-class implant manufacturers. As a result, we can offer our patients low prices for implantation”, pointed out the director of “Smile Academy”, Gintarė Krikščiūnienė.

This dental clinic can offer the widest selection in Lithuania in all categories of services in this area. After evaluating the clinical situation, both the doctor and the patient can choose a cheaper or more expensive option. In the same way, the doctor and the patient can choose what type, features and type of dental prosthesis (crown) is needed. “So the clinical situation and the patient’s choice determine the final price.” Patients can choose implants, but it is important to pay attention to the recommendations of doctors in individual cases. However, regardless of which implant will be placed on the patient, the cost of its implantation, judging by the market prices in Lithuania, will be the most favorable at the “Smile Academy”, asserted G. Krikščiūnienė.

Doctors warn: without all the teeth, the chewing function is impaired, stomach and digestive problems appear, teeth wear due to the load transferred to other teeth, jaw joint pains, diseases of adjacent teeth and gums, the bone melts more, and a person’s self-confidence decreases. Having all the teeth, a person not only looks better – his life becomes more comfortable, his health is better.


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