A Russian Su-25 attack plane crashed in Melitopol

A Russian Su-25 attack plane crashed in Melitopol
A Russian Su-25 attack plane crashed in Melitopol

A Russian attack plane kills Su-25, writes “Obozrevatel”.

According to the city’s mayor, Ivan Fyodorov, a cloud of smoke rose over the city after the incident.

“Several hours ago, smoke began to rise over our Melitopol airfield, which was occupied by the occupiers. And there was a lot of smoke that our residents saw in the temporarily occupied territory. Second, we are currently checking the information, but one enemy plane made an emergency landing at our Melitopol airfield. This information is being checked,” he announced a little earlier.

According to I. Fyodorov, Russian actions at the airfield have intensified in recent days. The occupiers brought a large amount of fuel there, helicopters were constantly taking off and landing.

“So the enemy has definitely suffered. Later, we will find out what exactly the enemy burned at our Melitopol airfield,” the mayor added.

According to Ria Melitopol, at 11:48 Melitopol residents saw a black plume of smoke at the end of the runway, preceded by muffled explosions.

“At 12:18 the smoke was gone. Later, information was received that an enemy aircraft – a plane or a helicopter – had fallen on the runway. Two ambulances and a fire engine were dispatched in that direction.

Earlier, some sources reported that an enemy plane Su-25 had crashed somewhere near Melitopol. This information was soon confirmed by Russian propagandists. The occupiers admitted that the Ukrainian armed forces shot down their attack plane from portable anti-aircraft defense systems, but the pilot managed to fly the plane to Melitopol airfield and make an emergency landing. The pilot is still alive. He catapulted. So racists have minus one “bird”, the publication notes.

According to the aforementioned publication, other Ukrainian channels also report on the crashed plane.

May 24 It was reported that the Ukrainian Armed Forces shot down a Russian Ka-52 attack helicopter. The unit value of this aircraft is about 16 million. dollars.

According to Ukraine’s calculations, Russia has already lost 309 planes and 296 helicopters since the beginning of the war.

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