Internet melodrama case: the defendant’s girlfriend admitted that she almost killed a person


The shadow of a pimp

As already written, this extraordinary drama, the circumstances of which are being unraveled by the Kaunas District Court, took place last October in an apartment building on Kėdainiai Josvainiai street. And its participants were brought into a love triangle by the Internet. It was there that Auksė P., the roommate of Tomas Škutas, in whose apartment everything happened, who is on trial today for attempted murder, got to know both the defendant and Yurij (name changed) from Vilnius, who narrowly escaped death.

“It’s this murderer – not in prison yet?!” – after meeting T. Škutas at the door of the courtroom a month ago, Yurij did not hide his surprise. At the beginning of the hearing, he told that he found out that the defendant was not Auksė P.’s brother, as they both claimed, but her – man, already after he found himself in the hands of the medics who saved his life and from the police officers.

It is true that T. Škutas, who was accused of attempted murder, testified to the court at first, and had no dealings with Temide until now.

Tomas Škutas/Justina Lasauskaitė’s photo.

He said that he met Aukse P. five months before the events of that night. And a month later, she moved in with him. And three months later, he started receiving text messages from a certain Evaldo.

“He said that I owe him 200 euros, which I have to hand over to Aukse. When I asked her who the author of this SMS was, Aukse said that it was her pimp, because she provides certain services for money. However, after handing over the specified amount to her, Evaldas demanded already 1 thousand. euros, which I was not going to pay. Then I received threats from him that it would not end well for me. And after that – and the news that he is sending a strange man to us, and I will have to introduce myself to him as Gold’s brother. I agreed only after being convinced by Auksė that nothing would happen between them”, – this was roughly the background story of the crime with which T. Škutas is accused today, which he presented to the court.

Eloquent SMS

The defendant claimed that he had met the guest who had come to them from Vilnius to Kėdainius in his car.

After that, all three feasted on the food brought by the guest. Finally, when midnight came, it became clear that he would not go to the hotel for the night as planned, but would stay with them. Evaldas also informed about this via SMS message, and again threatened that if she did not agree to this, Auksė P. would be raped by a group of men.

The defendant said that after such events, he himself made the bed for Auksei P. with a guest in the living room and went to the next room. However, he could not fall asleep because of the sounds that soon started coming from the living room. At first – loud kisses. After that – some kind of mysterious hum, after which he jumped out of bed and ran to the living room.

When the light was turned on, both Auksė P. and the guest were lying on the floor. This one was at the top.

When he saw this, he couldn’t control himself anymore – he ran to the kitchen, grabbed a knife and, returning to the living room, attacked the guest with it. Although he later admitted that the guest and Aukse P. were not naked when they were caught on the floor: she was in a robe, he was in underwear. And at that time they did not make love.

The defendant also told about the eloquent correspondence, after leaving the guest with Aukse P., first – with the latter, then – with Evaldus. Auksė P. wrote to him that she could not endure the night without him. Oh, if another guest sneaks up to her, it’s better to die. An excited drunk roommate texted her to shout – he will come running. However, Auksė P. continued to write that she is afraid for him, because there is a video camera in the living room.

Auksė P./Justina Lasauskaitė’s photo.

Finally, the SMS from Evaldo started. “They’re kissing!” Already in love!” – wrote the pimp of Auksė P., who followed everything through the video camera installed in the living room.

“Jealousy arose. And also alcohol… In other words, I did a terrible thing, which I deeply regret,” summed up T. Škutas, who is accused of attempted murder.

Intuition did not deceive

Jurijs, who had to swear to the court that he would not lie, said that he met Aukse P. on the online dating site And after about a month of correspondence, he received an offer from her to visit her. Auksė P. wrote that she lives in Kėdainiai with her brother. Oh, when asked what they will do with this person after meeting, Auksė P. did not write anything back.

Jealousy arose. And alcohol… In other words, I did a terrible thing, which I deeply regret.

And on that Friday, she urged Yuri to finish work as soon as possible, because she said that she would not be able to receive him on Saturday, because she had to go to her mother.

However, after calling the phone number given by Auksė P., a male voice answered, introducing himself as her brother. According to Yuri, the interlocutor even encouraged him – he said that if he is a man, he should come and meet his sister.

And Jurijs, having covered a distance of more than 100 kilometers from Vilnius to Kėdainiai, came to Auksė P. that same evening. He told the court that he found her already in a lot of pain. Her brother was also drunk.

T. Škutas admitted in court that before the arrival of the guest, he and Aukse P. drank vermouth, then champagne brought by the guest along with the beer, and finally finished with beer.

“From the very beginning, I had a feeling that something might happen to me. But at first only they drank alcohol, because I needed to find a hotel later or return to Vilnius. I drank one can of beer that I brought only when Aksė said that I could stay the night, because she didn’t need to go to her mother’s house tomorrow,” Yurijs tended to remember.

Filed a five-figure lawsuit

Yurij started the story about the culmination of that evening with the fact that after such a statement by Auksė P., he asked her brother if he was against it. The brother did not object. And when Auksa P. said after some time that she wanted to sleep, she even wished her good night.

Yuri testified that he was tired after work and did not think about any sex. However, Auksė P. started kissing him herself. But because of the unstable bed, they soon rolled off it onto the ground.

It was funny at first, but soon the light was on in the room. And he saw the brother of Gold P. approaching, his eyes square, with a knife in his hand.

According to Yurij, as soon as he had time to think about jumping from the balcony, Auksė P.’s brother attacked him. The victim demonstrated the consequences of this attack – the remaining marks of twelve stitches on the neck and injuries on the left side of the chest – while testifying in court.

T. Škutas has been charged with attempting to kill him with at least four stab wounds.

The victim said that he asked the defendant not to kill him. However, he stopped hurting him only after Aukse P. ran out of the apartment with the phone in her hand. As it turned out soon – to call the police.

According to Jurijs, after recovering in Kaunas hospital after the operation, he called Aukse P. and asked why she lied that Tom is her brother. Auksė P. is said to have regretted and offered to pay his medical expenses.

This was done by T. Škutas even before the court, having paid more than 260 euros to the State Hospital Fund, due to which it withdrew its claim. However, the victim’s claims still remain: 10,000. EUR for property damage and 50 thousand. euros requested as moral compensation.

Psychiatric help was needed

T. Škutas testified that he did not intend to kill the guest. And a sober person would never have done that. However, he could not control the jealousy that seized him then.

Repented only after seeing the blood clans. And after giving a towel to the injured person to cover the neck wound with it until the ambulance arrives.

In addition, T. Škutas said that he learned only after this incident that Auksė P. made it all up, in revenge for the part of the sex between the two of them that she did not like, which she had already told him about, but he did not want to hear it. As a result, Evaldas was also invented, for which Auksė P. actually wrote herself, who initially thought of taxing only a roommate who obeyed her wishes, but in the end went too far.

Auksė P., with whom neither the defendant nor the victim communicates after these events, has only the status of a witness in this case. Because of him, the law enforcement officers could not show this girl to psychiatrists, although they certainly had questions about her state of health.

Justina Lasauskaitė’s photo.

However, T. Škutas was shown to psychiatrists. They were asked to answer whether the accused of attempted murder did not grab the knife that night in a state of affect. Specialists refuted this assumption.

She contradicted herself

Today, Auksė P. herself was questioned in court, according to her former partner, after the events in the case, she returned to live with her parents in another Lithuanian city.

While waiting for the court hearing, she and T. Škutas pretended not to know each other. But he was obviously more excited. “I see her today for the first time after the events for which I am being tried,” T. Škutas admitted to the only media representative from the portal participating in the hearings of this case.

The questioning of Auksė P., who also had to swear that she would not lie, took about a dozen minutes in court. However, they were enough to understand that she was running away from this case like fire.

Auksė P. essentially confirmed the stories of the defendant and the victim with her testimony. However, she tended to emphasize that the guest himself started to approach her. And it is said that she fell out of bed, trying to get away from him, and Yuri followed her.

And when trying to find out why she invited him to the defendant’s apartment, Auksė P. testified that she wanted to help Yuri solve the problem of his poor relationship with his mother. That’s why she lied to T. Škutas, who believed everything she said, that Yurij was the boss of her pimp Evaldo.

Auksė P.’s openness, while testifying to the court, was simply shocking and confusing at times. Even not everything can be made public. All this fit into the question of T. Škutas’ lawyer: “First you heard, then you do everything to cause jealousy, and then you claim that you did not expect that he could act like this?”

Auksė P. replied that T. Škutas had never been aggressive before, and she had never behaved like that with men before. And you can’t justify your behavior, just like you can’t explain this one. Although she confirmed right here that it was her revenge against T. Škutas “for their bed affairs”, because he threatened to leave her if he did not satisfy his sexual desires. And she loved her roommate.

Details revealed the essence

The fast-talking testimony of Auksė P. did not lack other eloquent details.

She admitted that she ran away from the apartment, where the fatal duel began, not to call the police, but because she was afraid that T. Škutas would start violence against her as well. And how vindictive she is was evidenced by the fact revealed to the court that Jurijs then came from Vilnius to Kėdainii without having the right to drive.

However, the defendant’s lawyer managed to extract from Auksė P. that she was the one to blame for what happened. After which she hastily left the courtroom, having checked beforehand whether she would need to come here again.

After Auksa P. left, the duel between the defendant and the victim continued. Only this time – with words.

“The scars you made will remain for the rest of your life, even after receiving money from you!” Yuri also struggled to control himself, as he began to wonder how much T. Škutas could repay him from the requested moral reward. He assured that no more than 5 thousand euros. And not immediately, because he does not earn 1 thousand per month. euros, in addition, an illness started, which caused him to be unable to work for more than one month.

The scars you’ve made will last a lifetime, even after you get the money!

At the request of T. Škutas’ lawyer, the specialists who performed the aforementioned psychiatric examination of his client will be invited to the next hearing of this case. “I have a question for them, how, according to them, could a mentally healthy person have acted like that – what was his condition at the time?” said T. Škutas’ lawyer.

The defendant agreed with him. The victim testified that there is no need to call any specialists, because the place of the defendant is in prison.

Kaunas District Court judge Arūnas Paštuolis, who is handling the case, decided to invite the aforementioned specialists to the next court session. According to the indictment, T. Škutas faces imprisonment from seven to fifteen years.

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