In the A league, the victories of Alytis and Kaunas

In the A league, the victories of Alytis and Kaunas
In the A league, the victories of Alytis and Kaunas

On Saturday, the 4th round of the “Optibet A League” started, and the “Hegelmann” team from the Kaunas district won in it.

Andriaus Skerlas trains football players at home 2:0 (1:0) beat Telšiai “Dziuga”, which lost for the third time in a row.

Klaudijs Upstas played actively in the first minutes, the fullback made two shots at the goal area – goalkeeper Marius Paukštė handled them. However, the first goal was scored in the 16th minute.

Lukas Ankudinov made an unsuccessful play in his own half of the field, so Cesinha, running into the attack, found Michael Thuique in the penalty area, who hit an accurate shot from close range. At the end of the half, the Brazilian could have scored a second goal, but his header was off target.

“Dziugas” made the first shot at the goal in the 48th minute – then Juozas Lubas missed the goal. The blue and white team also did not create many sharp episodes, but managed to establish their advantage.

M. Thuique’s attempt was saved by M. Pauštė, however, Filipas Dangubčius, who replaced the goal scorer, took advantage of Giedrius Matulevičius’ pass and shot flawlessly.

After 4 matches, the “Hegelmann” team has 6 points, the Žižičians have 3 points.

Having returned to the “Optibet A League”, Alytus DFK “Dainava” greets the team break with great spirits.

In the 4th round meeting in Marijampolė, the Dainavians eliminated the goal deficit and 2:1 (0:1) broke Gargždas “Banga”.

In the first half, “Banga” took the lead. 21 min. Karolis Laukžemis scored the first goal of the year after passing Dovydas Norvilas with one touch.

However, David Afonso had to make a forced substitution and replace another injured midfielder – Ričardas Šveikauskas ended his performance.

After the break, the situation on the field changed completely – the Dainave people took the initiative. Although it was not possible to create dangerous episodes, the great pressure bore fruit in the 69th minute, when Latvian Klavas Kramenas scored after a corner kick.

Finally, “Dainava” achieved its goal: 83 min. the combination of several passes was made meaningful by Aaron Olugbogi, who was active throughout the match, with a shot in the ground from about 16 meters.

After this victory, the Alytus club established itself in the first half of the tournament table with 7 points, “Banga” has 3 points.

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