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“At the moment we have 0 points, so maybe a draw in the first step would be a success, but if you talk to the players – they want to win. I want to win too. I think you (turns to the journalist) also want to write about victory, not defeat,” the day before the Faroese challenge 15 minutes said R. Breu.

And he was right. It would be much more fun to write about the victory.

But in national team football, such opportunities do not often occur. The last time Lithuanians won in an official match was a long time ago – on October 9, 2021, when the team led by Valdas Augustinas Ivanauskas defeated Bulgaria 3:1.

The meeting on Thursday night was lackluster. At the beginning of the match, the national team of Lithuania was as it should be, and the rivals created chances by applying high pressure and surprising the hosts.

In the end, he scored when Jakups Andreasen headed the ball into the goal after a great pass from Joannes Bjartal.

Irmantos Gelūnos/BNS photo/Lithuania – Faroe Islands

The Lithuanians also managed to direct the ball into the goal. In the 41st minute, Arvydas Novikovas tried to make a treacherous kick, the ball hit the back of Fyodor Černychs, and Vykintas Slivka, who was in the right place at the right time, scored a goal.

In the VAR room, the review of the episode went on for a long time, and the assistant referee initially raised the offside flag. Finally, technology smiled on Lithuania – the goal was counted.

Unfortunately, it was the only shot on goal by the Lithuanian national team in the entire 90 minutes.

This draw can be equated to a defeat – the Lithuanians no longer have a chance to rise from the bottom of the tournament table, so there is a very real risk of falling to the basement of the League of Nations – the D division. It is already clear that the Lithuanian national team will face a survival battle with the last team in the C division group. Belarus, Gibraltar, Cyprus are among the possible rivals.

“Thank you to the players, the team,” R. Breu started the press conference. – We tried to win. We worked well for 90 minutes and showed good character. It was not easy, and especially after the missed goal during the standard situation. We will analyze the match, recover and be ready for the next match in three days. It was a positive first step for me. Yes, not everything was ideal. We talked a lot with the players about the new principles and style of the game. I sincerely thank the footballers, because everyone gave their all. From my side, this is a good first step. First point in the League of Nations.”

15 minutes when asked if the coach is really satisfied after the draw, which buried the chances of not remaining in the last place, the German explained that there is always a desire to have an ideal plan, play beautiful football and control the ball 75%. time

Irmantos Gelūnos/BNS photo/Lithuania – Faroe Islands

“But it’s impossible, because we played against a strong team,” said R. Breu. – We have to accept this result. I’m not happy with a draw, especially at home. But we have to be fair. It was a good first step, good work on the pitch, but you need to improve and everyone knows that. The players know that.”

“It’s a pity that we couldn’t achieve victory,” V.Slivka said. “We got into a game of long balls, maybe we could have played more calmly.”

The acting technical director said it was difficult to expect an ideal performance after four successive defeats in the Nations League.

“We were not good in controlling the ball, we lacked composure. It was obvious that if you miss a goal, it won’t be easy to come back,” said the interim coach.

Irmantos Gelūnos/BNS photo/Lithuania - Faroe Islands

Irmantos Gelūnos/BNS photo/Lithuania – Faroe Islands

“In the second half, we wanted to do everything to win. Especially in the first or second phases of the attack, we lacked composure and composure, so we did not prepare the attacks,” added R. Breu.

Looking ahead to the meeting with Luxembourg away on Sunday, the specialist assured that it will be very difficult. And he mentioned the 3:3 draw that the future rivals achieved in Turkey.

“The young generation of Luxembourg scored 3 goals. I know all the players because I coached them, said R. Breu, who worked in Luxembourg for 10 years. – There will be a fight, but a completely different match. Maybe it’s a little easier for us to play away because Luxembourg will want to play attacking football.”

And here, the coach of the Faroe Islands team from Sweden, Hakan Ericson, was proud of his team.

Irmantos Gelūnos/BNS photo/Lithuania - Faroe Islands

Irmantos Gelūnos/BNS photo/Lithuania – Faroe Islands

After the last League of Nations tournament, they climbed to the C division, in which they defeated Lithuania 2:1 at home, played 1:1 away, and earlier drew with Luxembourg 2:2.

“This is the first time that the Faroe Islands team has been promoted, now they will stay in this division,” said the Swede, who secured third place in the group. – I believe that people in the Faroes also understand what we have done. Draw with Luxembourg. We tried to explain to people that this is a great team… We are happy to stay in Division C.”

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