one phenomenon can be very surprising

one phenomenon can be very surprising
one phenomenon can be very surprising

Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service

in 2023 May 26 00:03

Today, the weather in our country will be determined by the eastern edge of a high pressure vortex approaching from the west.

A small layer of clouds will cover the sky. Friday in Lithuania is forecast without rain. A strong westerly wind will blow, with gusts up to 15-17 m/s in some places. The highest temperature will be distributed in many areas between 19-24 degrees, only at the sea the heat will be less and we will get 16-18 degrees there.

On Saturday, the anticyclone will become more established. The sky will clear completely, only a few thin clouds will pass the days. No rain is expected. The wind will blow from the north-west during the night, it will be north-west, west during the day. Its speed will reach 7-12 m/s. In the morning, the weather will cool down to 3-8 degrees Celsius. In some places, more likely in Žemaitija, the soil surface will be frosted to 0-2 degrees of frost.

The situation will not change much on Sunday. Another clear and dry day awaits. At night, the wind will constantly change direction, it will be weak, during the day it will turn from the southwest, west, it will strengthen up to 7-12 m/s. As the sun rises, the temperature will drop to 4-9 degrees Celsius. Local frosts of up to 2 degrees below zero are still likely. In the afternoon, thermometers will show 19-24 degrees in many places, 16-18 degrees at the seaside.

According to current data, rain clouds will reluctantly visit our country at the beginning of next week. It will blow moderately, mainly in the evening, and the temperature will start to rise again, both at night and during the day.

Source: Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service


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