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Vaidotas Martinaitis heard about the filming of the new season of the series “Stranger Things” more than two years ago. Then, like many other Lithuanians, he saw bright headlines announcing that this time the filmmakers would set up a filming site nowhere else in the Lukiškės prison in Vilnius.

Photo by Julius Kalinskas / 15min photo / Lukiškės prison

Shortly after the news, the Netflix team announced the selection of actors to find a Russian-speaking actor. V.Martinaitis also participated in the selection and passed the interview, but interviewed the portal 15min says he still does not know who his competitors were.

The actor jokes that there is something completely different here Miss election, in which everyone sees who is involved: “All information was kept to the maximum. It is intellectual property that is feared for any leakage of information. I didn’t even know when the series would start. “

Stop Shot / Vaidotas Martinaitis in the series “Stranger Things”

V. Martinaitis does not hide from the fact that the fourth season of “Stranger Things”, in which he himself captured himself, after a year and a half of filming and editing work, has finally started to be shown. Friends sent him photos of the broadcast, which also shows Vaidotas himself.

Stop Shot / Vaidotas Martinaitis in the series

Stop Shot / Vaidotas Martinaitis in the series “Stranger Things”

V.Martinaitis admits that until he was invited to the selection of actors in the series, he did not watch him. He only reviewed the first three seasons when he sensed that he would be invited to play in the fourth. The series left a positive impression on the interviewee, so he waited for the opportunity to make his debut.

Does not consider the most important role in the career

15min The well-known Lithuanian interviewed in the series Stranger Things embodied the evil one – he played the role of the head of the angry prison Melnikov. However, according to Vaidotas, this did not cause him any difficulties, on the contrary, it would have been much more difficult to empathize with the character of a good man.

“It simply came to our notice then. We try to be good, and we often hide the bad side, ”the well-known Lithuanian actor shares his insights.

Vaidotas played the assigned role by speaking the impeccable Russian language, which, according to the interlocutor, accompanies him throughout his life – he has been practicing it almost daily since childhood. The husband’s parents were deportees, so the sayings and expressions at home were often in this language. In addition, the actor has worked at the Lithuanian Russian Drama Theater in his youth.

Photo of personal album / Vaidotas Martinaitis in the filming of the series

Photo of personal album / Vaidotas Martinaitis in the filming of the series “Stranger Things”

However, although V.Martinaitis played the role in one of the most famous series in the world today, the actor would not attribute it to the most important roles of his career.

“It simply came to my notice then that I was the most visible of all. As soon as the first three series were released, I received more attention than after winning the National Film Award. ” 15min notices the actor.

Named the differences between Lithuanian and American cinema

V.Martinaitis has gained impressive experience in his career – he has acted in various Lithuanian films and series. Asked to compare the work of Netflix and Lithuanian teams, he emphasizes one key difference.

“Money determines everything – both the quality of the series and its distribution. Therefore, it becomes both high-quality and interesting, and it is very visible and attractive to everyone, ”Vaidotas is convinced.

However, according to the actor, it is important to understand that most Lithuanian series are currently being created only for local audiences.

“It simply came to our notice then. A series like this is watched all over the world, and, for example, a Lithuanian series like “Relatives” is watched only by relatives. Before any Lithuanian series, its creators already determine what audience will see it. to try if all this is shown to only two million people? ”, the famous Lithuanian actor ironically asks.

Because of the role – to another part of the world

Communicating with 15min, Vaidotas, who shone in the Netflix series, reveals that the fourth season was filmed not only in Vilnius. Due to his role, the actor had to travel to another part of the world – North America.

“I had one shift in Lukiškės, another in Atlanta, where I spent more than a month,” V.Martinaitis recalls.

Here, the actor got acquainted with the team of actors and directors of the fourth season of Stranger Things, which includes such well-known names as Tom Wlaschiha, Brad Hill, Vainona Raider. All of these world-renowned creators left a great impression on Vaidotas – the man says that “just howling from your work “.

Photo album of personal album / Vaidotas Martinaitis with the team of the series

Photo album of personal album / Vaidotas Martinaitis with the team of the series “Stranger Things”

Vaidotas Martinaitis is not the only Lithuanian in the large team of actors in the series. Other Lithuanian actors – Karolis Kasperavičius, Andrius Paulavičius, Artūras Svorobovič, Saulius Bareikis, Tomas Žaibus – also starred in the Netflix film.

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