After 20 years, George W. Bush addressed the Lithuanians again with emotion: I am grateful

The congratulation of the outgoing president was read at an event in Vilnius.

“In the face of aggression, the brave people of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia will never be alone again: when I said these words 20 years ago, I believed that membership in the NATO alliance would be the cornerstone of Lithuania’s pursuit of democracy and freedom,” GWBush begins his greeting.

George W. Bush’s greeting to Lithuanians

According to him, time has shown how important the admission of the Baltic countries to NATO was.

In his letter, GWBush mentioned Lithuanian support for Ukraine, Belarusian democrats and their position on China.

GWBush emphasized that Lithuanians are now resisting Moscow’s tyranny.

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“From the perspective of time, when Russia is at war against Ukraine, there is no doubt that the decision in 2004 accepting Lithuania and six other countries into the alliance was fatal. Lithuanians defended freedom and constantly supported Ukrainians with military and humanitarian aid. They supported the brave people of Belarus, defended human rights in China and stood up to Moscow’s tyranny,” writes GWBush.

White House photo/US President George W. Bush in Vilnius in 2002

White House photo/US President George W. Bush in Vilnius in 2002

“I am grateful to the Lithuanians that they understand that freedom is precious and believe that their NATO alliance must remain strong. May God bless the citizens of Lithuania,” he added.

President Valdas Adamkus also remembered GWBush’s historic visit.

“The President came to Vilnius from Prague, where Lithuania was invited to join the Euro-Atlantic Community at the recently held NATO Summit. The strongest defense alliance opened doors for Lithuania, providing not only the prospect of security guarantees, but also further cementing Lithuania on the political map of Europe. This step made Lithuania’s declared aspiration to irreversibly integrate into Western structures within reach after the restoration of independence.

NATO will be held in Vilnius next year Summit it shows how far Lithuania has come as an active member of NATO and an ally of the United States”, asserts the report signed by V. Adamkaus.

Valdas Adamkus' appeal

Valdas Adamkus’ appeal

According to V. Adamkaus, President GW Bush’s visit to Vilnius became a kind of symbol of these geopolitical changes, it can be said that his visit to Vilnius opened a new page in the history of Lithuania.

According to V.Adamkus, the importance of Lithuania’s membership in NATO and the strategic partnership between Lithuania and the USA is particularly clear now, in the face of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and the democratic order of the whole world.

“Today, together with our allies, we firmly stand on the side of the values ​​of democracy and freedom. Let’s protect what we have won together, let’s continue to strengthen relations between Lithuania and the USA in various fields. The USA, which did not recognize the Soviet occupation of Lithuania, was, is and will remain a very important and strong ally. The more Americans in Lithuania and Lithuanian America, the safer and stronger we will be,” said outgoing President V. Adamkus.

GWBush is the only president who visited Lithuania while in office. Joe Biden should come to the NATO summit in Vilnius next year.

GWBush’s words that Lithuania’s enemies will become America’s enemies are immortalized on the wall of the Vilnius Town Hall.

The article is in Lithuanian

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